Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test

Driving report Aiways U5

VW can dress warmly: Electric family SUV from China in the first test

Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test-aiways
Aiways Aiways U5

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann (Stuttgart)

The superiority of German car manufacturers was also on the drive. With electric vehicles, this is becoming increasingly heavier. According to Tesla and Nio, Aiways shows that Audi or Daimler will have to fight hard with their expensive E-SUVs in the future. The U5 can be ordered from the end of April.

This can probably be seen as a provocation: On a press picture from Aiways, the Elektro-SUV U5 drives with an Ingolstadt license plate. Just like many Audi e-trons that cruise around Bavaria. The bitter knowledge for the Germans: The Aiways is not as quick and driving as the Audi, and there are still no announced assistance systems. But the SUV costs only half as much and is a full-fledged electric family carriage. The first test in the U5 shows that it will become uncomfortable for the German car manufacturers in the future.

Body and interior

The 4.68 meter long Aiways U5 visually resembles the NIO ES8: expansive body, narrow headlights and of course not a radiator grille, but a closed front with the Aiways logo. In addition a few sleek rims – the design is quite successful. During the journey, only the bad view of the small rear window is negative.

Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test-family
Aiways Aiways U5

A big plus is the space of the electric SUV. With 432 liters, the trunk only offers average conditions. But the passengers are really in the business class. In the rear you have a lot of head and knee freedom, the U5 should be perfect as a taxi. The habitat is also in front, with the somewhat hooky steering wheel height adjustment annoying. Unusual: The Aiways does not have a glove compartment-instead two fastening buttons, to which you can then attach different boxes or other accessories, such as an iPad holder.

Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test-china
Cattle man Aiways U5: Cockpit

The cockpit is a little reminiscent of the NIO ES8, but the Aiways designers have installed a horizontal instead of vertical display. There are also three displays for the instruments. The center console is massive and somewhat impractical – the cup holders are small and the storage space under the console is lavish but difficult to reach. Here Tesla is set up differently with its airy, very reduced cockpit.

Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test-aiways
Cattle man At the back you sit in Aiways like in a XXL SUV – the legroom is impressive

Speaking of Tesla: As with the Tesla Model 3, you also have to search for the button for the warning indicator system in the headlining. But the rest of the cockpit is nice clean. Also good: the processing. It leaves a decent impression in the test car with the top model with full leather interior.

Crash test: Chinese had to improve

In the Euro NCAP crash test, however, the Aiways only achieves three stars-no disaster, but anything but outstanding. "NCAP assessed the U5 as constructively safe. Aiways has already eliminated other problems that have been taken up by the tests. Specifically, for example, Aiways has updated the software that controls the triggering of the airbags. They now offer even better protection for inmates in the event of a severe side collision", So the manufacturer.

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Operation and infotainment

So "techy" And modern the Aiways works, it is not quite up to date with technical: the automated driving functions are not all available, instead of modern USB C ports, the sockets still have the old USB standard and also a head-up Display is missing. Distance control, automatic parking assistant, emergency brake system and "Rear Traffic Alert" – Monitoring of traffic when reversing with emergency brake function – but should be available for the market launch.

Tesla at half a price: with the China SUV in front of the BMW headquarters

Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test-china

Site Tesla at half a price: with the China SUV in front of the BMW headquarters

The infotainment system can only be assessed to a limited extent, since it is obviously not yet completely adapted for the German market. But the menu navigation with individual tiles is convincing. Most vehicle functions are controlled on the display. The smartphone can be connected by cable or bluetooth-either via apps such as car play or simply via Mirror Link, then the smartphone content is simply mirrored on the monitor.

Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test-aiways
Cattle man Infotainment system of the Aiway U5

Motor and drive

The car does not have a start button, you just step on the brake and put the driving step button on D. It can start, quiet and meekly. The Aiways has a 140 kW / 190 hp electric motor-it is rather weak on the chest compared to the powerful E-SUVs from Tesla, Audi or Jaguar. Nevertheless, the engine develops a maximum torque of 315 Newton meters and is very high in lining, especially when overtaking.

Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test-china
Cattle man On the display of the Aiway U5 you can reflect the content of your own smartphone

However, the acceleration is disappointing: the car sets itself rather slowly in motion-also in sports mode-and takes around nine seconds for the sprint at 100 km/h. After all, the bikes don’t go crazy because the Aiways has front -wheel drive. There should only be an all-wheel drive variant in the coming year.

First driving test: China SUV from Borgward – competition for Hyundai and VW?

Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test-electric

Site First driving test: China SUV from Borgward – competition for Hyundai and VW?

Quiet, but with sound

According to the manufacturer, the consumption is between 16 and 17 kilowatt hours per 100 km – that would hardly be more than with the significantly smaller SUV Hyundai Kona. A longer practical test will have to show how the Aiways does in everyday life; Currently 400 kilometers of range are promised. In the first test drives, this also came about according to the on-board computer calculation. That would be another setback for Audi and Co.: The e-tron hardly manages the 400 kilometers-and that with a significantly larger battery.

Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test-first
Cattle man The trunk of the Aiway holds 432 liters

The Aiways has an artificially generated engine sound that sounds a little stronger in sports mode. The Jaguar I-Pace with its turbine sound may sound more bite, but it doesn’t bother in Aiways. The rolling noises of the tires are moderate, at 130 to 150 km/h the car is still so quiet that you can talk comfortably. At 160 km/h it is settled anyway.

Chassis and driving behavior

Despite the power that is manageable for an electric car, the China SUV has a big advantage: it is comparatively easy with a little more than 1.7 tons. An Audi e-tron, for example, drags more than two tons with it. Thanks to lightweight construction and a relatively small battery (the lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 63 kilowatt hours, the battery cells come from the Chinese battery supplier Catl). The Chinese show that an electric SUV does not always have to be heavy.

Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test-first
Cattle man The Aiways U5 can load with a maximum of 90 kW

The steering of the Aiway, whose unusually flattened steering wheel lies very well in the hand, is easy, the setting in the driving mode menus does not change much. Because of its low weight, the car does not put itself in the curves; If you exaggerate it, the car is good -natured until the ESP intervenes. At least this point clearly goes to Audi or Jaguar: their SUVs are definitely faster, more agile, sportier. For this, driving comfort is right for the Aiways. The car slides calmly and comfortably over the highway or through the city.

Prices and equipment

From the end of April, customers can pre -order the U5. "The pre -sale markets and the deposit amount will be announced in April", it says at Aiways. The production of the Aiway was also affected by the Corona outbreak in China, the market launch of the car in Europe is therefore shifting to August. But the Chinese have an advantage: While car production is largely suspended in Europe, it is already in China.In addition to Germany, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland are the first countries in which Aiways starts. The Chinese do not have a dealer network, but rely on direct sales. Aiways cooperates with the EURONICS electronics trading chain (Read Details here). At 30 locations, specially trained Euronics employees should present the vehicles and offer test drives. The ATU workshop chain will take over the maintenance work; However, the maintenance interval should be 100.000 kilometers lie. So often you won’t have to go to service.

Audi e-tron in the test: great electric car, disappointing range

Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test-china

Site Audi e-tron in the test: great electric car, disappointing range

The price and equipment list has not yet been determined, but the prices should be between 35.000 and a maximum of 40.Move 000 euros. The latter still without all -wheel drive, but otherwise with full equipment including leather, navigation and all available assistance systems. A heat pump, important for as little range as possible in winter, does not exist for the time being. But it remains: an Aiways costs half as much as an Audi e-tron. And with the Mort brand VW there is still a competitive model for this segment on the to-do list-first the compact VW ID has to.3 on the market.

Quick charging only with 90 kW

When charging, Aiways customers have to put a little back. Because of the single -phase loader there are only 6.6 kW on the domestic wall box, so it means around ten hours of charging time. According to Aiways, up to 90 kW is possible with the low-speed speed of the DC. Then the loading time would be less than an hour. But the competition from Audi to Tesla to Porsche now has significantly better charging capacity.


From country wind to Borgward-many China brands have already tried the start of Germany and fell on the nose. With e-mobility, however, a lot becomes different, because in this area the German manufacturers no longer indicate the tone. The Aiways U5 is a cozy electric cruiser with plenty of space and good equipment, which only costs half as much as the currently available competitors from Audi or Mercedes. Even the Tesla Model Y, which will be released shortly, costs significantly more than the Aiways. The processing of the China SUV leaves a good impression, the design is impressive.

Aiways U5: Electric family SUV from China in the first test-china
Cattle man We are there: China newcomer Aiways wants to conquer Germany with electric SUV

Apart from the lack of brand image, the negative sides of the car include the rather manageable driving dynamics. A more detailed test must show how far the car really comes with a battery load in practice; Other electrical manufacturers can also do more when it comes to charging power. Nevertheless, as well as NIO or byton, the Aiways shows that electromobility in connection with new sales models – and of course also those from Japan, Korea or France – gives a lot of competition from China. Customers will be happy: you will soon have more selection in the electrical area.

Everything about electromobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.

Manufacturer: Aiways
Type: Electric car
Engine: Electric motor
Perfomance: 140 kW
(190 hp)
Top speed: 160 km/h
further data…
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 9.1 seconds
Transmission: Infinitely varied
Drive: Front -wheel drive
Battery type: Lithium ions
Range electrical: 400 km
Consumption: 16.4 kWh/100 km according to NEFZ
Loading option to household socket: Yes
Load options and types of plugs: Type 2 plug (AC with 6.6 kW), CCS connector (DC with 90 kW)
Charging time: Wallbox: approx. 10 hours; Rapid loader: approx. 45 min.
Seats: 5
Purchase price: 40.000 euros
Battery included in the price: Yes
Important extras: Preliminary data!

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  2. Mr. Viehmann and the U5
    I like their tests. Not necessarily due to the technical quality, rather because they always incorporate something in the topic that the reader remembers as an appendix to the car. The U5 makes the same mistake as Audi. He pushes a steep front in front of him, which takes over a battery drive after a short time over 120 km/h. It is getting calmer in the classy area of Chinese quality. What matters is now only 1 topic: Where do we refuel, the charging station is free and my card works. What it costs does not matter (grin), the main thing is that we get electricity into the battery! In addition to the U5, the Tesla is a sleek super sports car that successfully holds at e-fatal speeds. Design u technology do not fit together with the U5. End of story, nothing to add?

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