Aiways U5 in the test: Why the China-e-SUV absolutely needs an update-tests

Aiways – the name is hardly known in this country. The U5 is an e-SUV in the class of a Skoda Enyaqs, but starts at less than 30.000 euros after funding. However, he is not a buying tip, because in the test the Chinese makes violent carvers that are reminiscent of a pre -series car.

The Aiways U5 comes at an unbeatable price: the basic version of the huge E-SUV costs 35.000 euros – after funding only 29.000 euros. This is cheaper than, for example, the small car Honda E! Instead of operating a lot of configuration booth, there is only the basic version or a premium variant just mentioned. It costs 39.000 euros before funding. We think of such a clear distinction, after all, the impression policy of many other car manufacturers is more than confusing and not customer -friendly. But how can it be that such a large E-SUV can be offered for so little money? One reason is the sales concept. Because the Aiways U5 is sold purely via the electronics retailer Euronics. So you can take a test drive with the U5 from a Euronics dealer near you and then order it afterwards. The delivery takes about six months. Service and maintenance takes place via A.T.U. Aiways saves its own sales network in the form of dealers, car dealerships, etc. There are no leasing options yet, but this is a matter of time before the U5 also arrives at appropriate providers. The auto-subscription platform Finn has a completely new.Car added the U5 to the portfolio. There you rent the China SUV from October for at least 6 months at a price of 469 euros (12 months cost 399 euros) – except for electricity, all costs are already included.In addition to the Euronics sales concept, there is another reason why the U5 goes so cheaply over the counter: The equipment. Aiways has calculated tough here, which is understandable and sensible in some areas. But buyers not only have to be ready to compromise, no, they also need very strong nerves. Because it seems that the Chinese have hardly invested one euro in the testing. Otherwise we can hardly explain how the car made it onto the street. "Good ways" are not what the name of Aiway is supposed to mean.

Aiways U5: Strong exterior appearance with little weaknesses

But let’s stay with the positive things for the U5: from the outside, the E-SUV looks very well processed. Here he plays in many areas in a class of a Skoda Enyaqs. We cannot find inaccurate gaps or sloppy workmanship on our test car. There is also a beautiful eggplant paintwork, which, depending on the sun’s rays, sparkles in dark purple or anthrazite. Alternatively, you can order the U5 in white. If you take the premium variant, you get a striking turquoise and a classic black as a roof color for the models in white and electricblue as a selection. The U5 looks massive, the end of the bonnet was pulled around the front, there is no radiator grille – that reminds a bit of the VW ID.4 and conveys electromobility. However, we can already find two small criticisms: the charging socket below the left front is installed across. We predict that in the course of the car life the weight of the heavy CCS connector could claim the socket badly.If you open the tailgate, it is noticeable that it does not stretch very far up. Somewhat larger people join their heads. Aiways may have only looked at the height of its domestic clientele – the median here is less than 1.70 meters (advertisement). However, a reader made us aware that a longer button pressing probably causes a higher end position of the tailgate. We also criticize the barely recognizable button on the tailgate to close it again. Black on black is simply not a good idea. One more word about the dimensions: The Aiways U5 measures 4.68 meters in length, 1.87 meters in width and 1.70 meters in height. It is just as long as the Jaguar I-Pace, only about as wide as a VW ID.4, but significantly higher than the other two E-SUVs. Anyone who goes looking for a parking space is supported by parking sensors, 360-degree cameras and a parking assistant. This works perfectly in the test.

Aiways U5 in the test: Why the China-e-SUV absolutely needs an update-tests-china-e-suv
Site/l. Brack Aiways U5 in the test: Why the China-e-SUV absolutely needs an update

Aiways U5: Gigantic interior and a frunker

And the space available also earns a lot of praise. Sitting at the front of the somewhat plastic -like in the premium variant (art-?) Leather seats, it feels even more spacious in the back. "My eight -year -old daughter can stand upright", Praise the PR manager of Aiways the car. That is not too much promised, head and legroom are phenomenal.The trunk, on the other hand, offers only 432 liters of volume from the trunk floor. Nevertheless, that is also easy for a weekly shopping. You will find significantly more space below the trunk: on the one hand based on a styrofoam insert, on the other hand in a tub that is again below. That is a lot of storage space, but now impractical when the trunk is loaded. In order to store the charging cable, the frunket, i.e. a trunk under the bonnet, is more suitable. This is usually missing from other E-SUVs. There is currently no data from Aiways when paying, the Internet speaks of 385 kilos. With four adult occupants, the limit would already be exhausted. The return benches can be folded down so that a flat surface is created. Anyone who pushes a mattress in now can spend the night in the U5. As useful gadgets as a fold -out mechanism directly out of the trunk, as the ENYAQ offers, there are no U5 – but also not from other manufacturers. Anyone who opts for the premium variant gets a panoramic roof including a blind. The latter is still very translucent – that didn’t bother us, on the contrary.

Aiways U5: Huch, where is the glove compartment?

Let’s stay with the interior. Peu a peu we notice why the U5 goes so cheap. The passenger, for example, grabs the void, he wants to get the papers for the car out of the glove compartment – there is simply no glove compartment, but a little more legroom. Instead, two pocket hooks are attached. This is impractical and looks strange. After all, under the center console in an open compartment you still have space for operating instructions and the like. But if you want to let things lie around so openly? no. An update in the coming year should come with glove compartment.

Aiways U5: No navigation system and a non-fully fledged Android car alternative

Aiways has also dispensed with a navigation system – this saves a lot of license costs. If you use Google Maps on your smartphone anyway, you can throw this on the screen via Apple Car Play – provided the cell phone is infected on the USB socket. Speaking of – it sits on a cell phone compartment that is far too small – our iPhone X is just fitting. Surprising, after all, the smartphones are huge in the Middle Kingdom. Google Maps is not available in China in a quality that would be enough for autonavigation. AIWAYS has therefore not integrated an Android car, but uses a solution called "Easy Connection" return. And that is almost unusable. Only that works moderately. After releasing various access rights after the infection, it reflects the cell phone screen on the central display, but at the start of the start. However, only Google Maps and the reproduction of music that is stored on the cell phone during the journey, but not, for example, music streaming services such as Spotify. Another annoyance: Even if the navigation in Google Maps switches to night mode appropriately, the target entry is still in day mode and dazzles at night immensely. In short: Unfortunately, the U5 only brought frustration with our Android cell phone, in forums there is still reports on alternative solutions. However, we hope that Aiways is the licensing of Android Auto in the new update. We also criticize the two bottle holders-even for coffee-to-go cups, they are usually too small. Just narrow cardboard cups fit in there.

Aiways U5 in the test: Why the China-e-SUV absolutely needs an update-tests-update-tests
Site/l. Brack Aiways U5 in the test: Why the China-e-SUV absolutely needs an update

Aiways U5: Good reach only with a careful driving style

With a battery capacity of 63 kWh, the U5 wants to take its buyers according to the data sheet and WLTP 400 to 410 kilometers. This is possible, but then only in the city or at most at around 70 km/h over land. We came with a gentle driving style with a slightly employed automatic climate automatic and an outside temperature of 26 degrees almost 380 kilometers from mixing traffic. The situation was different at our motorway round, where we kept 130 speed. With an outside temperature of 18 degrees and an air conditioning of 20 degrees, we only came to 220 kilometers of range and then pumped 69 kWh back in. This makes a consumption of 31.8 kWh per 100 kilometers, which is very impressive. For comparison – an ENYAQ consumes around 24 kWh here.

Aiways U5: Turbo on the fast loader, swallowing on the wall box and a very hidden unlocking mechanism

Incidentally, the charging is astonishingly well, if you are looking for a quick charging station. Within 33 minutes we come from 10 to 80 percent battery level. The car loads for a long time with over 90 kW. On the contrary to the AC shop on the Wallbox. Even after 9 hours, the car had not reloaded the electricity of our 185 km motorway round. At that point he had only reached 70 percent and informed us that it "4:35 hours" take. On the next loading attempt we let a camera run in the interior. The displayed charging current fluctuated between 7.7 and around 15 amps. That would be minimally even below 2 kW charging power. On average, the charging capacity was around 4 kW. That’s just too little. By the way: If you want to pull the charging plug before reaching the 100 percent, it is not that easy. The unlocking for this is neither on the socket itself, as is often the case with electric cars. As with Tesla, you cannot yet arrange the unlocking via the display. No, you have to press two of the three buttons on the key for several seconds. If you don’t know that, you are torn without operating instructions.

Aiways U5: permanent goose and slippery pleasure

Basically, the U5 drives quite comfortably and smoothly. If there weren’t a few really annoying details again. Under 30 km/h, the car creates the sound prescribed for electric cars, but it turns out to be so loud and exaggerated that almost every passerby looks up in astonishment and you’d better go up your discs yourself. Beyond 30 km/h, we also feel the driving noise louder than with many other electric cars in this size class. Constant to keep a speed without cruise control and only drive with a gymnasium is not possible with the U5 in ECO mode: the car always reacts a bit delayed and too much tapping too easily. The crowning glory is the permanent geese through the driver monitoring. A side camera observes the driver and causes the car to measure it. And that with a penetrance and error rate that drives blood pressure to dangerous heights. One yawn is enough to give a sonorous male voice to take enough breaks. A short time later, it sounds that we should please pay attention to the front – even though we are stubbornly looking straight ahead. Suddenly the indication that smoking from traffic distracts – how the camera came up with the fact that we supposedly pull on a cigarette is veiled for us. This dancing is not only annoying, it also gives you the feeling that it is constantly being observed, which ultimately leads us to switch off all warning tanks. There are always signal tones that we cannot classify. Only when we see the nervous flashing of a temporal picture in the advertisement can we suspect that the tone wants to draw attention to us that we drive faster than allowed. Unfortunately, the front camera recognizes the traffic signs very unreliable – traffic control systems are more negligible, but recognizes, for example, signs of motorway trips that are irrelevant for further traffic on the highway. And so you switch off automatic traffic sign recognition very early on . Anyone who drives in the rain will also quickly find that the front -wheel drive and the tires harmonize less well. The traction control regulates very roughly, in the wet there is an unpleasant interplay between control and too much slip. Praise, on the other hand, deserves the ESP, which has our test car well under control here and conveys a feeling of security. The suspension comfort is also okay and fits the car class.The steering, on the other hand, is adjustable in three stages, but not directly enough and too smooth – the driver feels – regardless of the setting – not what happens on the street.

Aiways U5: What happened to us at night

Our test car made a coarse carver. After a test drive, we did not press the driving selector switch P, but pressed the parking brake (which causes practically all electric cars to switch to P). Then the door handles folded in. We got out, the car closed, but the systems continued. So far so bad. Now there was also that the car no longer reacted to the radio key and even honked when we tried to manually fold the door handles. So the car ran all night until we learned from the following from Aiways that we have to press the tailgate reflection for several seconds until it opens. Now we could crawl in and open the door from the inside manually.

Aiways U5 in the test: Why the China-e-SUV absolutely needs an update-tests-aiways
Site/l. Brack Aiways U5 in the test: Why the China-e-SUV absolutely needs an update

Our conclusion: back to the work!

The Aiways U5 would be an incredibly strong price-performance package. After all, it does a lot from the outside, looks high quality, offers a very respectable range, can be invited and could easily play in a class where VW and others have spread. But they already notice the subjunctive: would have had a bicycle chain. The car is at a stage where other manufacturers would first leave it on the German streets as an ErlkOnig. And so we can only say: Back to the factory and please improve it. Certainly at this price you are ready to compromise like a missing navigation system. In mass, however, it is too much of a good thing that the U5 cannot or do wrong. And so can Aiways, his "Good ways"-Names do not do justice. However, the manufacturer is probably working on an improvement that is via the service partner A.T.U. is carried out. Also is finally an app in the Mache, through which the U5 owners can preheat their car, for example. So you shouldn’t write down the U5 now, after all, Aiways wants to bring an update in 2022. And then the E-SUV could become a real insider tip. With glove compartment. The better alternative: Skoda Enyaq IV in the test

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