Aiways U6 early 2022 in European markets – with thought-out design

Aiways U6 early 2022 in European markets - with thought-out design-markets

Aivays gave a foretaste of a second purely electric SUV from Aiways in March 2020 in March 2020, on the same MAS platform (more Adaptable Structure). As Aiways U6 SUV Coupe celebrated its premiere this end of April 2021. In early June, this is rolling in the Aiways-own “smart factory” in Shangrao, China as a pre-production vehicle from the band. After Europe comes the E-SUV in 2022.

The Aiways U6 takes its place as a dynamically dressed counterpart, in addition to the attractive battery-electric SUV AIWAY U5, in the growing portfolio locally emission-free vehicles of the brand. As a second series model of the brand Aiways, the U6 is therefore based on the self-developed MAS (more Adaptable Structure) platform. With this, the manufacturer complements the portfolio for a sporting variant for open-minded and young customers, which provide high demands on technical solutions and a stand-alone design. The design of the stromer is also reflected in the extraordinary interior of the vehicle.

As a result of the design of the passenger composition of the claims of young, future-oriented customers. The pictures give first insights into a new design philosophy inspired by game consoles. Aivays tries to combine highly updated trends with innovative technology and intelligent connectivity solutions. His graphic design and clear functionality supports the wish of young people after playful usability even highly complex techniques.

“Our pursuit of intelligent technical solutions is part of the brand core of Aiways. Our goal is the continuous improvement of the driving experience, because cars are no longer exclusively means of transport. Rather, they expand the domestic habitat with entrance to the age of electromobility. Our battery electrical ivays are intended to serve customers as an extended, mobile living space.”- FU Qiang, founder and CEO of Aiways

The interior of the Aiways U6 from the feather of designers from China, Japan and Germany. These have been inspired by the space travel, the world of electronic games and punctually from the Formula E race series. This means that the design of the U6 shines through a balanced mix of emotional design features with intuitive operable functions. The futuristic appearance is supported by a progressive play of colors. The customer can choose between the warmer color combinations blue with cream white or the slightly colder black with orange. An optional equipment of the Aiways U6 combines black blue tones and underlines the exclusivity, among other things, with carbon fiber applications.

Aivays shows in its current message that the width shift lever in the center console associates associations on the power lever of speed boats. The glass roof clamped over a length of 2.10 meters is reminiscent of the command centers of spaceships in science fiction films. The two-spoke steering wheel reflects bonds of a formula E Boliding, its integrated switches follow in functionality and design the control units of game consoles.

In addition to the design of the AIWAYS U6, the stromer also convinces through numerous KI-based driver assistance systems, which are used. These serve the security of all passengers and other road users. About the RPA function, the driver can park his Aiways U6 from up to 10 meters away via smartphone control. This implies uncomfortable entry and exit in narrow parquet.

With the new U6, Aiways offers a fully equipped battery-electric SUV Coupe at a very competitive price. Prices and specifications of the European version of the AIWAY U6 will be announced later.

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4 thoughts on “Aiways U6 early 2022 in European markets – with thought-out design”

  1. Considering what the U5 in China has features (Navi, voice control, app connection, driver detection and individualization) that all are missing in the EU version or such as.B. DAB + only half-banked are implemented, then we do not develop it here the U6. Only a young audience will not want to do without such functions. If Aiways does not get the software in the EU market to handle, it will not give Aiways in this country for a long time.

  2. I do not understand the automakers who introduce their new car models with white interior design through the bank. I think I’m not the only one who also finds the U6 just grottish.


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