Akasol develops second generation of Li-ion battery systems for Mercedes-Benz Ecitaro

Akasol develops second generation of Li-ion battery systems for Mercedes-Benz Ecitaro-akasol

Daimler Buses and Akasol AG are a long-term cooperation in developing and series production of battery systems for the ECITARO electrobus. This should now be expanded. In the autumn, the production start of the series production of the first generation of type Akasystem OEM is planned. Currently, the company is in cooperation with Mercedes Buses in the development of the second generation of Li-ion battery systems.

With the market launch of the second generation of the battery system 2020 is expected. Then about CA. 35 percent more energy contribute to improving the range of Daimler buses. So the second generation instead of currently 25 kilowatt hours storage capacity per battery pack, 33 kilowatt hours can be saved. This increase is for identical installation space, unchanged weight and upward compatibility.

This is made possible according to Akasol by a special, flexible system architecture. In addition to other factors, according to Daimler Buses, this technology jump also contributes to an enlargement of the range of the vehicle to 200 kilometers (after city travel cycle Sort2, Central City Traffic) and up to 250 kilometers in ideal enterprises. The system is expected to be manufactured in its own battery factory for E-commercial vehicles. This has a capacity of 600 MWh per year, according to the Darmstadt company, this capacity is sufficient to annually 3.Equip E-Buses with storage systems.

“In addition to improved battery cells, many small optimization steps play a role in the battery management system and in the mechanical pack structure in the development of the second generation. Our partnership since 2015 has led to an excellent relationship of trust, which we can understand as a great confirmation for our products and our company. That we are re-commissioned again before the start of the first series production of Daimler is a good signal.”-Sven Schulz, Board Akasol

Both generations of the Akasol Battery System in Mercedes-Benz Citaro are fast-loadable (up to 300 kilowatts) and provide additional consumers such as air conditioning systems and the electrical system with energy. Decisive for robustness and longevity of the battery systems is the efficient water cooling, which ensures permanent tempering at 25 degrees Celsius, which can operate the battery-powered buses in all climate zones. The high-performance battery systems are partly located on the roof and also in the stern.

Akasol GmbH has been developing and producing mobile and stationary high-performance battery systems for the German and European market for more than 25 years. With the latest generation of battery modules, the life of the battery cells can now be extended by up to 50 percent over the manufacturer’s information.

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