Alexander Lutz, Polestar: “Polestar 3 will define SUVS new”

Alexander Lutz, Polestar:

Alexander Lutz, Managing Director of Polestar Germany, has again on the virtual table of electric car news.Net took place to replace via Polestar. Much has done, since he was afraid of a year ago and gave to understand “2021 becomes the year of the Polestar 2” – a statement that one may now be considered confirmed as confirmed. For as the manufacturer announced only recently, Polestar has the sales target of 29.000 vehicles reached worldwide, growth of 185 percent compared to the previous year.

Magnificent shouldered by an E-vehicle, the Polestar 2. The high expectations of the past year were thus fulfilled. Thanks to a strong team and commitment, a dot landing was made by this, as the managing director of Polestar Germany continues. Last year, one’s own global presence of 10 to 19 markets could be increased, focusing on Europe and Asian-Pacific. By the end of 2023, Polestar wants to be active in at least 30 global markets. Seen in detail shows that the Retail Presence of Polestar has more than doubled in 2021 to 100 locations worldwide, and the company strives to operate a total of 150 locations by the end of 2022.

With these efforts, 2022 would like to achieve similar growth as in the previous year, which is again driven by the Polestar 2. In addition to updates over the over-the-air function (OTA) of the Stromer you probably put on the one or the other variant of the popular E-vehicle. This indicates at least Alexander in the common consequence. Surely planned that you want to offer a significant OTA update once per quarter. As last the performance upgrade, which is against a price of around the 1.000 Euro, the performance of the Polestar 2 from 408 to 476 hp increased. Basically, however, an improvement is stressed in all matters, not after solid rhythms, but like that

In the Group itself, Polestar gave a high priority. Therefore, it can also be assumed for 2022 that their electric vehicles will come to the road as planned. In this context, we have also come to the Polestar 3, a new model, with which you will have three vehicles in your own portfolio from the end of 2022. The Elektro-SUV drives in the plant in Charleston, South Carolina in the US from the band and thus sets the Swedish performance brand globally. No less than one of the “climatic cars of all time” should become the stromer as we could learn. The Polestar 3 is intended to represent the debut of a new generation of the Volvo Car Group’s electric car architecture, which was developed from scratch for complete electrification.

How to understand Alexander is the Polestar 3 in some respects with new developments. So this should completely redefine the segment of the SUV completely. Sustainable, aerodynamic and simply different throughout the occurrence. Here it is surprise. Because with Polestar you do not see the E-drive as the end of the sustainability, but as their beginning. How to see for future-oriented projects such as the “Project 0”. An electric car, which is to be manufactured by 2030 completely emission neutral.

But it was extremely sympathetic but also the fact that the Germany boss of Polestar does not make a secret that the still young brand has to learn a lot. So you have underestimated it, as the online purchase of the Polestar 2 is going on. The potential e-driver were only online, without personal advice then not as sure as it works. Therefore, the Polestar Personal Care Service has been launched shortly. Which hides in detail behind it, that should explain Alexander himself. Have fun with the current episode.

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4 thoughts on “Alexander Lutz, Polestar: “Polestar 3 will define SUVS new””

  1. Thanks for the insight into a very exciting start-up. Honest and always looking for improvement. Yes, so you have hoped for the modern times of the car.

  2. The year of the Polestar 2 was 2021. So so. But it has even been sold much more Tacy. Why Polestar does not run has reasons you have to work up. You do not have to make the usual grinse show. The efficiency is simply not good. And the position of the company somewhere between Volvo and start-up and China mass produce must be defined more precisely.

  3. Then I continue to drive my model S and watch Polestar 3 at some point the world conquered.
    How many vehicles Plant Polestar 2022 build?
    1-2% of the quantity of Tesla?

    It is a pity that Polestar is not a competition at Tesla.

  4. Polestar has sold 2021 more BEV as Volvo (26K).
    Positive are the design, facilities and the experience of Volvo.
    That with the efficiency is such a thing.
    While the variant with single engine has a value of 18.5, the dual motor variant consumes approx. 29. Anyway, according to ADAC.


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