Alfa Romeo wants to convince with Performance Stromer “Quadrifoglio”

Alfa Romeo wants to convince with Performance Stromer

Alfa Romeo is one of a total of 14 brands, which have been united under the roof of Stellantis since January. Most recently, Alfa had crisp heavily, the sales figures are over the past 20 years of more than 200.000 on only just over 50.000 left. With the swivel and focus on e-mobility, the brand should revive. Corresponding Perfomance versions should play an important role.

The first Stromer of Alfa Romeo is announced for the year 2024 and could receive a performance version called Quadrifoglio. By 2025, only an Alfa Romeo model, the upcoming compact SUV Tonale, should still build on a platform developed by FCA. The rest is to be based on one of three car platforms originally developed by the PSA group and now be made available to Alfa Romeo via Stellantis.

The first Alfa Romeo model, which arises under the leadership of Alfa Romeo-Ceo Jean-Philippe Imparato and Stellantis, will be the third SUV of the company, which internally known as Brennero. He should come from the beginning of 2024 on the street. The Brennero is to become the first purely electrical Alfa and based on the CMP platform developed by PSA, which was renamed in Stla Small and already understood a wide range of models, such as the Citroën C4, the Peugeot 2008 and the Opel models Corsa and mocha.

Autocar currently expires that Alfa Romeo works on several versions for its battery electrical vehicle models and that high performance versions could carry the quadrifoglio branding. IMPARATO itself, sometimes, expressed the performance models as follows: “For all models that we launch on the market, I will always examine the possibility of developing a high performance version of the vehicle, which fully agrees with the embassy of our product portfolio. If I think I’m not able to offer the right level of power levels of the Quadrifoglio, I will not make a Quadrifoglio version.”

Future Alfa models will use the new Stla Large platform developed by Stellantis. Imparato pointed out that the Alfa Romeo engineers were heavily involved in developing to ensure that they can meet the power and premium parameters that the brand needs. The CEO also said that he has designed another product plan for the years 2025 to 2030, which also includes models that are more focused on autonomous driving and other technological developments, which would depend on the success of the plan by 2025.

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