All-in-one principle: Eiachse of Bosch

All-in-one principle: Eiachse of Bosch-all-in-one

At the end of August, Bosch has introduced its Eiachse, which is based on the all-in-one principle. This can increase the range of electric cars and is thus another puzzle piece in the construction of electric vehicles and increasing their range. The special thing that can also be derived from the name of the Eachse, Bosch has made one of three drive parts one. In the Eiachse, the company combines engine, power electronics and gearbox compact with each other. As a result, the drive is not only much more efficient, but also cheaper.

The high flexibility of the components contributes to the fact that the Eiachse has a tremendous business potential. Because this allows the axis to be installed in both hybrids and electric cars as well as small cars, SUV and even light commercial vehicles. For the company, the Eiachse is an important, even central building block to become a worldwide market leader in electromobility from 2020.

Here Bosch certainly comes the years of experience too good, which is now by the connection of components in more than 500.000 electro cars and hybrid collected.

“The Eiachse is the start-up drive for electric cars – even with established automakers. These save on expensive development time and can bring electric vehicles to market significantly faster.”- DR. Rolf Bulander, Managing Director of Robert Bosch GmbH and Chairman of the Mobility Solutions division

First pattern of the Eiachse are already tested with customers, in large series the axis should then start 2019. In terms of series production, Bosch has taken care of a flexible and globally ready to use manufacturing concept to ensure that each customer receives a solution adapted to his needs and quickly to the production solution.

All-in-one principle: Eiachse of Bosch-all-in-one

The high variability ensures that the widest possible mass is addressed to interested companies. So become loud DR. Mathias Pillin, area board with the responsibility for electromobility in Bosch, wishes for performance data, torque and fitting in the space and the rest of the drive can be optimized on these parameters. Car manufacturers receive such a complete drive according to their wishes directly supplied to the assembly line.

With regard to the performance of the drive, it is also variable, between 50 and 300 kilowatts can move this, so as to drive large vehicles such as SUV clean electrically. The torque moves in the range between 1.000 and 6.000 Newton meters. The Eiachse of Bosch can be installed both at the front and on the rear axles of hybrids and electric cars.

Comparing the Eiachse with current alternatives shows that the Eiachse weighs about 90 kilograms with a capacity of 150 kilowatts and thus significantly less than previous individual components. Of course, a point that has an influence in vehicle construction.

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