All-round amg: mercedes presents the new gla 45

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All-round AMG: Mercedes presents the new GLA 45-all-round

The new GLA 45 is said to be significantly more dynamic and suitable for everyday use. The four-cylinder delivers 387 hp, in the S variant even 421 hp.

All-round AMG: Mercedes presents the new GLA 45

The sporty compact SUV sees itself as an AMG for all situations

Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, promises that the new GLA 45 will be significantly more dynamic and suitable for everyday use.

The compact SUV now also comes with the four-cylinder already familiar from the A-Class, which delivers 387 hp and even 421 hp in the S variant.

The GLA 45 is also similar to its compact sister model in other respects: the engine is also installed rotated by 180 degrees in order to improve the air supply. The body is stiffened in many ways and the variable all-wheel drive with electromechanical control and the chassis with adaptive damping are already familiar from the AMG A45. The SUV should therefore be similarly agile and sporty to drive and, thanks to the six different driving programs, should feel at home both on the road and on the race track.

Is the GLA 45 just a higher A45?

So how does the GLA 45 differ from the A 45? Of course, the first thing that catches the eye is the different look: the GLA is taller, black plastic covers on the wheel arches underline the impression of off-road mobility. The rear is also unique: a steeper C-pillar and narrower rear lights are more reminiscent of the B-Class, but the large spoiler and the four exhaust pipes suggest a sportier model. Similar to the facelifts of the larger SUVs from Daimler (GLC and GLE), the GLA also has square LED lights that are integrated in the rear lights.

The greater ground clearance gives hope for a more comfortable entry and, due to the longer spring deflection, a more sovereign suspension than on the A45. The overview when driving should also be better due to the higher seating position. The advertised suitability for everyday use is certainly beneficial.

The greater ground clearance does not only bring advantages

However, this also has disadvantages: The GLA 45 is 0.4 seconds slower from 0-100 km/h than the A45. Depending on the engine, the SUV consumes 9.1-9.3 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers. For comparison: the A-Class has 8.3-8.4 liters (WLTP values).

Despite the obvious compromises, the GLA 45 should definitely find its target group: the extra ground clearance is a decisive factor for many customers, and the GLA concept is popular anyway: in the last four years, sales figures in Switzerland have not fallen below the 2000 mark. The design-related higher consumption and the minimally poorer acceleration are obviously bearable.

There is no information yet on the market launch and the price.

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