Almost a third fewer new registrations – Tesla can increase strongly

Weak car market

Almost a third fewer new registrations – only Tesla can increase strongly

Almost a third fewer new registrations - Tesla can increase strongly-tesla
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The new car registrations in Germany decreased by almost a third compared to the comparison month of the previous year in November. Electric cars can grow-but growth is declining for the plug-in hybrids.

198.258 vehicle registrations are 31.7 percent less than in November 2020. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the new commercial registrations decreased by 30.6 percent, their share was 61.5 percent. The private new registrations decreased by 33.4 percent.

A third less private impacts

All German brands posted double -digit registration declines, which were the most powerful at Ford with 55.3 percent. Audi and VW lost more than 40 percent, with Mercedes and BMW it was more than 30 percent each. With Opel, the decline was 28.8 percent. Smart (minus 11.3 percent) and Porsche (-10.8 %) came on. Volkswagen remained the strongest brand again, but only came to a market share of 14.9 percent.

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Almost a third fewer new registrations - Tesla can increase strongly-fewer

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At Tesla (+234.1 %) and polestar (+105.3 %), the electro -type and low output values for their sales figures benefited from Tesla (+234.1 %). But also Subaru (+27.2 %) and Mitsubishi (+17.8 %) recorded rising sales figures, while Mazda was able to drop fewer cars than a year ago. According to the KBA, 40 were.300 cars with battery -electric drive (plus 39 percent) re -approved. In addition, 27.900 new plug-in hybrids (minus 9 percent) on the streets-and had to accept a minus for the first time. Since the beginning of the year, 600 have been.200 electric vehicle newly approved, that is an increase of 92 percent.

Tesla big winner

There were declines of over 40 percent at Nissan, Citroën, Jaguar and DS. Skoda was the strongest importer in front of Renault and Hyundai with a 5.8 percent market share.Almost 30 percent of the cars approved for the first time last month fall into the categorical SUV. Another 30 percent are to be attributed to the small car and compact class. With 69.9 percent, the area of the large-scale vans shrank the most, could only be easily increased.

CO2 emissions continue to drop

Every fifth new car was a pure electric car in November (40.270 pieces; +39.0 %) and only every third a classic petrol engine. The proportion of diesel vehicles shrank and was only 15.8 percent last month. In order to take a quarter to the purchases of LPG models, but their share remained very low with 1249 vehicles (0.6 %). The demand for natural gas cars remained weak. They came to only 183 new registrations. According to KBA, the average CO2 emissions of all new cars sold decreased by 17.4 percent and was 104.3 grams per kilometer.

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The reasons for the weak sales figures are diverse. Because of the high electrical purchase bonuses and tax advantages, many electric vehicles are bought, but in absolute numbers there are far from being so many to get the 1.8 million electricity streamlined by the traffic light coalition per year (Sasmtziel: 15 million by 2030) bring to. The chip crisis, which drastically delayed the chip crisis, the chip crisis, which is drastically delayed across almost all manufacturers, drive and vehicle classes, is drastically delayed across almost all manufacturers, drive and vehicle classes. Experts expect that this could still be the case in 2022. Tesla is one of the few companies that have short delivery times and can thus benefit both from the current electric trend and from the delivery weakness of the competition.(Aum)

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Almost a third fewer new registrations - Tesla can increase strongly-registrations

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8 thoughts on “Almost a third fewer new registrations – Tesla can increase strongly”

  1. Ford -55% and +200%
    Ford has decided to triple the production capacity for the Mach-E. It is … Obviously that most manufacturers simply offer the wrong products. BEV have long delivery times and combustioners can only be bought. S-Curve adoption!

  2. Not only Tesla is sub -fermented
    As far as I know, there is e-car funding for every electric car and even for the fraud hybrid. Why more Tesla are approved than everyone else manufactured here "Premium" is probably due to Tesla – or the models of the local manufacturers. They may have produced past the market needs, otherwise there would be no lead (through technology) from Tesla. Finally, Tesla also cleverly installed the right charging network for the vehicle fleet. And on the charging network it is a problem with the other manufacturers who can bend sheets like no other, but otherwise are trapped in the combustion world.

  3. The car market will no longer be so quickly
    recover. The Teslas are subsidized by those who can never afford such a car (Tesla increases strongly) and therefore drive their cars longer (fewer new registrations). The used goods market is almost empty and nobody asks why. With brute compulsion, a technique is introduced that is far from accepted by many. The environment is the environment, even though these cars are far from driving or are in an environmentally friendly manner . Keep it up, with full throttle in the third row. When the time comes, everything and all other are guilt. Maybe we are the ghost drivers who think everyone else is going wrong.

  4. wrongdoing
    Germany gives its name as an automotive premium manufacturer. That will have evil consequences. Unless you realize that the e-mobile is almost no CO2, but destroyed the livelihoods in other countries in the world (copper, lithium mining),

  5. Since all devices today
    All people are involved in the misery of this world with batteries. The question is, what is worse for climate change, raw materials from digging or oiled oil? I think we should rely on the scientists and not on the period politicians.

  6. Who would have thought that
    Although Tesla is not yet perfect, it is mostly bought. And without the car testers bought by the German car manufacturers. Who use every opportunity to mention that the German cars have a much higher quality. If a CEO really dares to point out that Tesla is far ahead of, he must fear for his job. Unions only look at today’s jobs, Tesla is building factories for tomorrow. Over a million pre -orders for cars that will only be built next year reminds me of Mercedes 50 years ago. Children like time flies.

  7. When the subsidies
    The electric car is eliminated, the market collapses.Many people simply lack the money for such a spas car.In addition, charging options and reach for this technology are missing.

  8. When the subsidies fall
    Above all, the German manufacturers have a problem because they are not competitive in the BEV area. Elon Musk recently asked Biden to cut the subsidies in an interview. Tesla does not need this, as they already have the biggest margins in the market and continue to increase prices because the queues are getting longer and longer. How much does VW earn on the ID.3 ?


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