Already every sixth e-car from German production

Already every sixth e-car from German production-already

In terms of e-mobility vw and co. get up slowly. Each sixth electric car worldwide comes from a German manufacturer. In the case of fully electric vehicles, the proportion of German car manufacturers rose, according to a market study of the company consultancy PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) in the second quarter to 17 percent, with plug-in hybrids to 50 percent. That reports “ “Calling on various sources.

The VW Group, BMW and Mercedes-Benz therefore have a total of 246 in the first half of 2021.000 cars with a pure electric drive as well as around 370.000 partially electrical plug-in hybrid sold. The market for fully electric cars is dominated by PWC at present from Chinese and American manufacturers.

The largest demand for fully electric vehicles is available according to PwC in China: There were in the first half of the year 980.000 E cars and 212.000 plug-in hybrid approved. In the second quarter, the proportion of purely battery-powered vehicles rose to over eleven percent and was thus before the European core markets with eight percent.

“In the global comparison, 58 percent of e-auto-purchases are attributable to the Chinese market during this period”, the industry experts are quoted. The People’s Republic of E-Mobility to position itself as one of the leading high-tech nations and at the same time improve the quality of life of its own citizens by reducing pollution.

In Germany, the cars operated with electrical energy have 84.000 new registrations in the second quarter almost equal to the plug-in hybrids, of which in the same period 85.000 new registrations were registered. Together, their market share was 23 percent in the first half of the year. The growing supply of manufacturers and the state buying bonuses for E-cars and cargo boxes are important levers, PWC industry expert Felix Kuhnert is quoted.

In the US, however, electric cars and plug-in hybrids together came together only to a market share of three percent. The incentives planned by President Joe Biden, the increasing environmental awareness and technical progress could change this.

In view of the market cabinet in almost all core markets, however, delivery difficulties in chips and batteries would be the timed, it says from PWC strategy consultant JOrn Neuhausen. In addition, the proportion of renewable energy sources would have to be rapidly expanded to actually play the advantage of the CO₂ emissions against conventional drives.

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4 thoughts on “Already every sixth e-car from German production”

  1. Yes, you can pay a lot of pretty speech and pay a few influencers to praise the cars of the German OEMs over the green clover, but the sales figures in the Chinese and American market speak a different language.
    You can also do the statistics cherry pecking and determining that VW has a highly growing market share in Germany – but the worldwide production figures speak a significant language.
    After all, Herbert has granted this that Tesla will first catch up in 2025 – Egon Meier and Co will probably have to practice patience for at least 4 years – my humble opinion even longer, much longer &# 128521;

    Time wants Tell – main thing electrically &# 128578;

  2. Yes, then we look forward to that (hopefully) soon the German production gets a decent boost thanks Grunheide … 🙂
    Ah, BTW. On a route Fussen-Usedom I became 3 (yes, three pieces !) Teslas overhauled (was in Womo on the way, thus max 130 / h) … on the way back there were already 4 &# 128521; , but an increase &# 128578; &# 128578; &# 128578;
    Hmm. have the “Amis” a DAB allergy or crawl with 100 in front of him? &# 128521;

  3. If Tesla finally poses production in Germany, then the EPRODUCTION from Germany will still grow massively. Tesla Made in Germany – that is likely to prepare the VW trolls still some sleepless nights. But no matter. The main thing of the e-train rolls faster. Whether VW, Mercedes or BMW can still be contested with it.

  4. German manufacturer ???
    The parts for the cars come from:

    • China or
    • other countries of Asia

    and become imported.
    The assembly is carried out in Saxony by Eastern European temporary workers, which:

    • Ministries in the health insurance and
    • Deposit subscriptions in the pension.

    This is called German car manufacturer.
    Makes your bonnets and looks in.
    You can see 100% “Made in China”
    There are no German jobs and also the:

    • Health and
    • Pension fund
    get broken.
    Great, who buys such a car.
    No future for us, our children and our grandchildren.
    Apart from the look of these manufacturers in the genocide by the Chinese government.
    Is human, responsible and sustainable.
    Will secure the survival on this planet?
    Definitely &# 128521;
    Have fun with these China boxes

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