Already more than 5.000 Reservations at Sono Motors over a year before production start

Already more than 5.000 Reservations at Sono Motors over a year before production start-reservations

Sono Motors announced today’s Thursday that just ten months after the presentation of the first prototype, the reservation of more than 5.000 Vehicles of electric car could exceed Sion. For each of these vehicles has already been paid a deposit, several hundred cars are already fully paid. The current state of reservation would correspond to a turnover of more than 100 million euros.

For Sono Motors an important stage goal on the way to production. The start of production is planned for the second half of 2019 in cooperation with a European contract manufacturer. The battery major order for the vehicle has awarded the start-up to the German automotive supplier Elringklinger. The Sion will be the first E-car, which can generate additional range alone through solar energy through the integration of solar modules into the body. Furthermore, the solar car Sion is set to new LED headlight technology.

“For us, this is one of the most important moments, since the founding of the company. We are our vision to develop active solutions to become a decisive step more independently by electromobility independent of the resource oil. We want to make the electromobility accessible to all and enable the owners of the SION to produce energy themselves.”- Laurin Hahn, CEO and Co-founder of the company

Like Jona Christians, CEO and co-founder of Sono Motors, to understand correctly, is the Sion about the combination of electrical and solar vehicle, which is unique in this form. In addition, the car can be used at any time as a mobile power store and not only record electricity via a bidirectional charging function, but also deliver. A specially developed app will provide the opportunity to share both vehicle and battery power with others as well as to organize and handle carpooling.

Well accepted were also the possibilities of a test drive with the Sion. Over 10.000 people have turned a round with the E-vehicle in Europe and informs about the vehicle that informs the associated mobility concept and the development of the company.

“The conversations in the framework of the test drive tours are a valuable opportunity for us to obtain the ideas and feedback of our supporters. Thus, we can evolve the Sion in close coordination with feedback from our community. We experience a tremendous enthusiasm and loyalty to our goal in personal contact and financing this project to bring the SION to the street. That’s what drives us every day.”- Navina Pernsteiner, creative director and co-founder of Sono Motors

To date, people from over 30 countries have reserved the vehicle directly via the company website. There are just over 80 percent of reservations from the core markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Also interested parties from Italy, Spain and the US have reserved vehicles.

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