Altmaier corrects power consumption significantly upwards

Altmaier corrects power consumption significantly upwards-upwards

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) calculates because of the intensified climate goals with up to 15 percent higher power consumption until 2030. According to the Institut Prognos commissioned by the Ministry, between 645 and 665 terawatt hours are needed at this time. The previous study from the beginning of 2020 was still assumed by around 590 terawatt hours, the official government forecast of only 580.

Among other things, the new calculations are 14 million electric cars, six million heat pumps and 30 terawatt hours of electricity for “green” hydrogen, reported “ “. Associations, on the other hand, expect far higher values. For example, the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW) estimates around 700 terawatt hours for 2030.

The Federal Minister of Economics had to grant a few weeks ago, the previous assumptions are too low. SPD chancellor candidate OLAF Scholz threw Altmaier a “Electricity Lie”. This rejected this. A prognosis in the SPD-guided Environment Ministry was at the time at a lower consumption than a study at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. By contrast, environmental Secretary Jochen FLASBART said: “That the previous assumptions of the Ministry of Economics are no longer to hold, we have said for a year. This realization is finally through – earlier would have been better.”

Because Germany exits from nuclear power to the end of 2022 and no later than 2038 from the coal, the power is to be generated largely from renewable energies. The expansion goals for wind power and solar energy would have to be increased, said Altmaier – accurate numbers he did not call. More power consumption means Altmaier‘s view but also more lines. Already thousands of new kilometers must be built to transport the wind stream produced mainly in the north to the south. Altmaier holds until 2030 next to the already planned three new powertrasses “, if not two” additional for necessary. Therefore, planning and approval procedures would have to be significantly shortened, he demanded. The aim is eight years from planning to realization.

As a further obstacle, the energy sector sees that there are too few proven areas. Altmaier now wants to vote with any state concrete goals. North Rhine-Westphalia, however, has just been decided only a 1000-meter spacer rule of wind turbines to housing settlements – under the relevant participation of Union Chancellor’s Candidate and NRW Government Armin Laschet (CDU). At the latest a first 100-day program of a new federal government must switch on the renewable turbo, simone Peter, President of the Federal Association renewable energy demanded. The BDEW lasts around 1500 new wind turbines on land until 2030 per year.

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8 thoughts on “Altmaier corrects power consumption significantly upwards”

  1. A party which brings the 10h rule to the way, which is almost no longer possible to build wind turbines, tells something about the expansion of this.


  2. Huch Mr. Altmaier has finally found the electric car and heat pumps are operated with electricity and not with hot politician air but also,

  3. I can not read this Altmaier as non-German. Half the something or charges only after party book or with the wind? As a Minister of Economics, he would have to bring all levers in the hands of Germany on the front man. Everyone would benefit from this. I do not understand him. But we have also rejected the C02 law and is currently the water to the neck. Unfortunately, intelligence is obviously limited. Not stupidity.

  4. Small bill – For those who want to verify it – made something similar.

    About 7.5 m² PV system for 1.000 kWh a year = 1 mWh a year.

    1 MWh x 1.000 = 1 gWh x 1.000 = 1 TWh (1 TWh are 1.000.000 MWh).

    1 TWh would be 1.000.000 x 7.5 m² PV system = 7.500.000 m² PV system = 7.5 km² PV system.

    For 1 TWh about 7.5 km² PV system Mal 665 Twh a year would be 4.987.5 km2 to PV plants.

    From 4.987.5 pull the root (rounded to 2 decimal places) 70.62.

    So would be for 665 TWh a year A square of 70.62 x 70.62 km to PV systems required.

    There are 294 districts in Germany. Together with the 106 County-free cities they form the total of 400 local authorities at the district level.

    (Source: Wikipedia)

    400 local authorities at County – 4.987.5 divided by 400 are approx. 12,47 km² (3.53 x 3.53 km).

    At 30 m² PV system per residential building and 19.2 million. Residential building could 10% of the electricity be covered. For this purpose, the larger areas on corporate and agricultural buildings with roughly estimated another 10%, then only about 80% on open spaces would be required.

    At 294 districts Would be the remaining 80% per district a square about 4.119 m x 4.119 m (without distance of the PV module series with each other). If many wind turbines and solar cell bodies come to the e-cars, then there is enough eco flow – you just have to want it.

  5. Due to the catastrophic rains of the past days and the regrettable deaths, the top topic is the top topic in the print and public legal media that have so far been climate change. Everyone is only talking about the measures against climate change must be extremely strengthened. Let’s wait, which remains to that after the federal elections. It is ridiculous that just now, just before the elections, all parties, except the AFD, writing climate protection on their flag. If I hear Mr SOder, who says; We do not have the fight against climate change, for that we do not need the Greens, then I will be sick ..

  6. This is called the “small 1 * 1” and requires only basic urges, giving you 5 minutes logically thought … Union, it’s off (hopefully)

  7. Neither Mr. Altmeier nor the many high-paid experts from his ministry are stupid! It is much worse: According to my firm conviction, Mr. Altmeier, the highest brake and preventer of the energy transition, has deliberately beaten all this reminders to the threatening power gap in the wind to hinder the energy transition wherever possible, delay, block and build bureaucratic hurdles! You remember only at the original speaker design to reform the EEG from his house: then it should be. Owners of PV systems are banned to consume their self-generated electricity even themselves instead there should have been an ejectance obligation, so I have to buy my own electricity expensive! The purpose of the purpose is completely obvious: sabotage energy transition, abandoning the citizen energy and maintaining the permanent liabilities of the citizens of monopolists. And Last Not Least: Supply Speed for Folded Political Sizes! To be able to hold: Climate protection goes the Union completely on a … Past!!!


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