Amazon’s electric transporter in use for the first time

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Amazon's electric transporter in use for the first time-time

Just a year after announcing the purchase of 100.000 customized electric vans from the e-vehicle start-up Rivian, the shipping giant Amazon has started testing the new delivery vans on delivery routes for the first time, initially in Los Angeles. Gradually, the e-delivery vehicles are to be used in up to 15 other US cities this year as part of an initial pilot fleet.

“We’ve loved the excitement customers have had—from the photos we see online to the car enthusiasts our drivers stop to get an up-close look,” said Ross Rachey, director of Amazon Global Fleet and Products. about the first days of use of the e-transporters. Amazon partnered with Rivian to produce the vehicles, using their customizable skateboard platform to create a custom, all-electric delivery vehicle.

“Rivian’s goal is to deliver products the world hasn’t seen before, to redefine expectations through the use of technology and innovation,” said RJ Scaringe, Founder and CEO of Rivian. He describes the first Amazon vans as a “milestone” and a positive example of how Rivian and Amazon are working towards a more sustainable future. The Rivian boss hopes to inspire other companies to fundamentally change the way they work as well.

Amazon and Rivian began with the first test drives as part of the test and development processes four months before the pilot fleet went into everyday use. According to a statement, Amazon continues to work with Rivian to conduct additional tests regarding vehicle performance and safety durability in different climate zones and regions. The engineers want to further refine the vehicles for the official start of series production, which is planned for the end of this year.

Net zero by 2040

Amazon has also already started preparing its buildings for the new vehicle fleet and has installed thousands of electric vehicle charging stations at its delivery locations in North America and Europe. In support of The Climate Pledge, Amazon has committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement. To this end, the shipping giant is transforming its transport network, among other things.

In addition to custom electric vehicles, Amazon is also exploring other new technologies, alternative fuels, and shipping methods that can deliver packages to customers in a more sustainable way. Amazon is already operating thousands of electric vehicles worldwide and is redesigning its delivery stations so that they can also service electric vehicles.

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5 thoughts on “Amazon’s electric transporter in use for the first time”

  1. “In support of The Climate Pledge, Amazon has committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement.”

    The Paris Agreement did not set a year for net zero to be achieved. According to the logic of the contract, that would not make much sense either, as it is about achieving certain temperature targets. If you emit less, then you have more time to do so than if you emit more at first. Specific temperature targets have been set (well below 2 degrees and efforts for 1.5 degrees warming). 2050 is the year some states set their net zero target.

    However, this error is probably due to The Climate Pledge, which z.B. claim in your Quick Overview. But it’s wrong -.-
  2. Let’s see if Amazon does it better than the post office with their street scooters, they also had high goals at first and then they silted up.


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