AMG GT 63 S E Performance: AMG introduces its first plug-in hybrid

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AMG GT 63 S E Performance: AMG introduces its first plug-in hybrid-performance

The First Performance Hybrid by Mercedes-AMG goes into series and uses technologies from Formula 1. The concept includes a stand-alone drive layout with electric motor and battery on the rear axle and a self-developed high performance battery. An environmentally friendly car is not the vehicle called Mercedes-AMG GT 63 s Performance: Fuel consumption the Affalterbacher combines 8.6 liters at 100 km, the CO2 emissions are 196 g / km under WLTP test conditions.

But sustainability has never been the primary focus of the in-house performance subsidiary of Mercedes. AMG therefore uses the electric drive to increase the power values of the vehicle: the combination of 4.0-liter V8 biturbomotor and electric machine generates a system performance of 620 kW (843 hp) and a maximum system torque of more than 1400 nm. The immediate response of the electric drive on the rear axle, the rapid torque structure and the improved weight distribution allow the manufacturer a new, highly dynamic driving experience.

As in Formula 1, the battery is specifically designed for fast power output and recording and not at maximum range. After all, the purely electric driving performance of up to twelve kilometers enables a modest radius that is sufficient for short trips in the city or in residential areas.

“With the new Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance, we transport our typical DNA into an electrified future. We suggest your own technical ways that AMG has always made so special and desirable. The Performance Hallbrid, which was completely developed in Affalterbach, offers a fascinating level of driving dynamics and is rightly bearing our new technology label e Performance. With this new concept we also open new target groups, the Mercedes-AMG as a performance luxury brand of the 21. Can experience centuries.”- Philipp Schiemer, Chairman of the Management Board of Mercedes-AMG GmbH

“Mercedes-Amg has always been a highest performance and maximum driving dynamics. In the development of our E Performance Hybrid strategy, therefore, from the beginning, we stood a stand-alone concept for AMG, which links our brand core values with high efficiency, “says Jochen Hermann, Technical Managing Director of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. This concept now goes with the new GT 63 S e Performance in series. The Layout with the front and Electric drive unit on the rear axle offers numerous advantages as Hermann explains: “The optimized weight distribution, the best possible utilization of the torque or even the very spontaneous power output promise driving dynamics at the highest level. In addition, the high performance battery developed by us has a double power density compared to conventional drive batteries and how many other components is inspired by the Technology from Formula 1.”

Expressive design with distinctive front bumper

The expressive design with a deep down drawn bonnet, muscular body, crouched greenhouse and powerful fastback should illustrate the sporting genes of the four-door coupe. The characteristic front bum is based on the shaping of the two-door AMG GT. She looks like a cast and inserts into the dynamic design of the overall vehicle. The outer air inlets are further and sharpened in the direction of the center of the car center. The airflow is channeled by three vertical fins to the wheel archists.

Exclusive recognition features on the rear are the rear apron with integrated plug-in loading valve and the red model designation deposited. With the hybrid AMG also introduces ribbed trapezoidal double end pipe blends. On the side, the fender plaque “E Performance” points to the hybrid drive.

AMG GT 63 S E Performance: AMG introduces its first plug-in hybrid-performanceMercedes-Amg

As a new flagship of the series, the AMG GT 63 s Performance is very extensive equipped. He received all the recalances of recent model maintenance as the AMG Ride Control + chassis with a new damping system. As standard on board, the adapted AMG ceramic high performance composite brake system and the MBUX multimedia system with special hybrid displays are also.

The AMG Performance Hybrid Actuator: Burning front, electric machine in the stern

In AMG GT 63 S e Performance, the 4.0-liter V8 biturbomotor is combined with a permanently excited synchronous electric motor, a high performance battery developed in Affalterbach and the full-variable all-wheel drive AMG Performance 4Matic +. The combination of 4.0-liter V8 biturbomotor and electric machine generates a system performance of 620 kW (843 hp) and a maximum system torque of more than 1400 nm.

Impressive are the driving performance of the previously strongest production vehicle from Affalterbach: the acceleration from the stand to Tempo 100 km / h takes place in just 2.9 seconds, 200 km / h are already reached in less than ten seconds. The propulsion ends only at 316 km / h.

The 150 kW (204 hp) strong electric motor is positioned on the rear axle and integrated there with an electrically switched two-gear gear and an electronically controlled rear axle blocking differential in a compact Electric Drive Unit (EDU). The lightweight battery is also placed in the rear over the rear axle. This compact design gives numerous advantages:

  • The electric motor acts directly on the rear axle and can thus implement its power directly in propulsion – for the extra-boost when starting, accelerating or overtaking.
  • The power of the electric motor can use design typically with full torque, so that a particularly agile starting behavior is possible.
  • In addition, thanks to the integrated, electronically controlled rear axle blocking differential, the driver immediately experiences a noticeable performance gain: the hybrid model speeds out even more agile curves, offers more traction and therefore more driving safety.
  • Upon increasing slip on the rear axle, the driving force of the electric motor is transmitted to the front wheels for more traction as needed as needed. The mechanical connection of the full-variable four-wheel drive enable this by means of cardan shaft and drive shafts of the front wheels.
  • The positioning on the rear axle improves the weight and axle load distribution in the vehicle and thus forms the basis for the convincing handling.
  • The AMG concept offers a very high efficiency in recuperation because the system allows only minimal mechanical and hydraulic losses of engine and gearboxes.
  • The automated switching two-speed gearbox on the rear axle ensures with its specially tuned translation the spreading from high wheel torque to agile starting up to the safe continuous performance at higher speeds. An electrical actuator sets second gear at about 140 km / h at the latest, which is the maximum speed of the electric motor of around 13.500 / min revolutions corresponds.
  • With the increase in performance through the additional electric motor, the developer team in parallel also improved the efficiency of the overall vehicle – and achieve lower emissions and lower consumption.

Inspired by Formula 1, developed in Affalterbach: The AMG High Performance Battery

When determining the electrification strategy, it was clear from the beginning that all essential components in Affalterbach are developed. This also includes the heart of the AMG High Performance Battery (HPB). The development of the lithium-ion energy store is inspired by technologies, which have already proven itself in the formula 1 hybrid racing cars of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 teams under the toughest conditions. In the course of development, a lively exchange of expert knowledge from Formula 1 Motorenschmiede High Performance Powertrains (HPP) in Brixworth and Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach.

The AMG High Performance Battery combines high, frequently one-after each other with low weight to increase the overall performance of the vehicle. There are also the fast energy intake and the high power density. This means: For example, in a speedy ride, for example in hilly terrain, drivers uphill can retrieve the full performance potential, while highly recuperates at vaults.

The battery in AMG GT 63 S e Performance offers a capacity of 6.1 kWh, 70 kW continuous performance and 150 kW peak power for ten seconds. The low weight of only 89 kilograms allows the very high power density of 1.7 kW / kg. For comparison: Conventional batteries without direct cooling of the cells create about half of this value. The charge is done via the installed 3.7 kW-board charger with AC charging station, wallbox or household socket.

AMG GT 63 S E Performance: AMG introduces its first plug-in hybrid-plug-inMercedes-Amg

The battery is designed for fast power output and recording and not on the highest possible range. Nevertheless, the electrical reach of twelve kilometers enables a practical driving radius, for example, for the low-noise and emission-free travel from the residential area to the outskirts or to the highway.

The innovation boost: the direct cooling of the battery cells

The basis for the high performance of the AMG 400 volt battery is the innovative direct cooling: in the battery pack converts a high-tech coolant based on an electrically non-conductive liquid, all 560 cells and cools them individually. Each battery needs a defined temperature for optimal power output. If the energy store is too cold or too hot, it temporarily loses noticeably to power or must be controlled to prevent damage to too high thermal levels. A uniform temperature control of the battery therefore has a decisive influence on its performance, life and security.

For direct cooling, the AMG specialists had to develop new, only millimeter thin cooling modules. Around 14 liters of coolant circulate with the aid of a specially developed electrical high-performance pump from top to bottom through the entire battery past each cell and flow through an oil / water heat exchanger, which is attached directly to the battery. This derives the heat in one of the two low temperature cycles (NT) of the vehicle and from there further to the NT cooler on the wagount front, which outputs the heat to the ambient air. The system is designed so that a uniform heat distribution is ensured in the battery.

AMG GT 63 S E Performance: AMG introduces its first plug-in hybrid-hybridMercedes-Amg

The result: the battery is always in a uniform, optimal working temperature window of an average of 45 degrees Celsius, no matter how often it is loaded or unloaded. When driving is forcent, a crossing of the average temperature is quite possible. The protective mechanisms are therefore set so that the maximum performance can be removed from the battery to reduce the temperature level again by the direct cooling. Conventional cooling systems do not create that, the battery can no longer retrieve its performance. Not so the AMG High Performance Battery: Even with fast rounds in hybrid mode on the racetrack, where often accelerates (battery is discharged) and is delayed (battery is charged), the energy store should retain its high performance.

Only the effective direct cooling makes it possible to use cells with very high power density. Thanks to this individual solution, the battery system is particularly lightweight and compact. The low weight also carries the material-saving busbar concept and the lightweight, but simultaneously stable crash structure of the aluminum housing. You guarantee the highest security.

Operating strategy: Electrical force always available

The basic operating strategy is derived from the Hybrid PowerPack of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 race car. As in the premier class of motorsport, maximum propulsion is available when the driver needs it – for example, to accelerate powerfully from curves or when overtaking. About high recuperation services and needs-appropriate reloading can always be retrieved the electrical force and often reproduce. The independent battery concept allows the optimal compromise between maximum driving dynamics and timely efficiency.

The Seven AMG Dynamic Select Driving Programs “Electric”, “Comfort”, “Sports”, “Sport +”, “Race”, “Smoothness” and “Individual” are tailored to the new drive technology and should therefore offer a wide-spread driving experience – from Highly efficient to highly dynamic. The driving programs adapt important parameters such as the response of drive and gearbox, the steering characteristic, the chassis attenuation or the sound. The programs can be selected via the switching rocker in the center console or the AMG steering wheel keys.

Usually the Performance Hybrid starts silent (“Silent Mode”) in the “Comfort” driving program with switching on the electric motor. In the instrument cluster, the Icon “Ready” signals the driving license. In addition, a powerful sonorer, AMG typical start-up sound, which is radiated into the interior, sounds a powerful sonorer, AMG of typical start-up sound, which is radiated into the interior over the vehicle. A lighter suffices on the accelerator pedal, and already the AMG Performance Hybrid is in motion.

For purely electricity, the statutory Acoustic Vehicle Altering System warns the environment prior to approaching performance hybrid. In this case, a specially composed, low-frequency and speed-modulated AMG sound sounds, which is radiated to the outside via a loudspeaker on the front and rear. Part of the sound is discreet as an acoustic feedback for the passengers also to hear in the interior. In the European Union, the system is active up to 20 km / h, in the USA to approx. 30 km / h. Then the driving signal Fades up to approx. 50 km / h harmoniously.

At higher tempo, the customer can choose the sounding experience between “Balanced” and “Powerful” via the sound buttons in the center console or the steering wheel (recognizable to a frequency wave icon): If there is a purely electric ride, either a discreet or a powerful sound experience is staged. Jump the burner, influences the selected setting the sound of the exhaust system. In each situation one remains the same: The performance hybrid is also acoustically immediately recognized as AMG under all conditions.

AMG GT 63 S E Performance: AMG introduces its first plug-in hybrid-firstMercedes-Amg

In the driving program “Electric” is the focus on the electrical driving experience. The purely electric driving takes place from the stand to 130 km / h, the internal combustion engine always remains switched off. The mechanical connection to the AMG Performance 4Matic + components always the four-wheel drive is available: If the rear wheels suddenly get too much slip, the power of the electric motor via the cardan and drive shafts is also transferred to the front wheels. If the battery is empty or the driver requests more power, the intelligent operation control automatically switches to the “Comfort” driving program, the burner jumps and takes over the drive power.

Further advantages of the hybrid drive result for the driving dynamics control. Instead of a brake engagement of the ESP, the electric machine can also control the traction as soon as a wheel signaled too much slippage. For this purpose, the intelligent control reduces the drive torque of the electric machine, which is transmitted via the rear axle lock differential to the wheel. The result: the ESP does not have to intervene or later. Advantage: The internal combustion engine can be operated at a higher moment, which improves both the agility afterwards, as well as increases efficiency. In addition, the otherwise “destroyed” power can be used to load the battery.

Recuperation in four stages selectable

Because the High Performance Battery is always at the optimum temperature window of around 45 degrees, the recuperation can also be optimized – usually a battery is strongly heated with high recuperation performance, so that the energy recovery must be restricted.

The recuperation begins when the driver takes the foot from the accelerator pedal, ie in the thrust operation without touching the brake pedal. The battery is charged and it creates a strong braking torque – the wheel brakes are spared or must not be actuated depending on the recuperation stage and traffic situation. The driver can select four different strong recuperation services on the right AMG steering wheel button. This applies in all driving programs with the exception of “smoothness”, whereby the energy recovery is designed differently depending on the driving program.

  • Level 0: The vehicle behaves similarly to a conventional combustion with manual circuit, in which is disengaged, and rolls in case of gas with low resistance. The recuperation performance is very low and only serves to obtain the power supply of the vehicle. With the internal combustion engine, the friction losses are reduced to a minimum in the engine.
  • Level 1: This is the default setting in which the recuperation for the driver is already noticeable and approximately the delay of a conventional, uncoupled internal combustion engine.
  • Level 2: Stronger recuperation, when swimming in traffic, the brake pedal hardly has to be operated.
  • Level 3: Highest energy recovery, here is the so-called “one-pedal” drive as with a pure electric car possible. Depending on the driving condition, over 100 kW power can be fed back into the battery.
  • Special feature Driving program RACE: In race track operation, the driver wants to get the last survey time on the brake. In the “Race” driver, the recuperation is automatically fixed to level 1 to enable the most reproducible vehicle behavior in the boundary area.

Another advantage of the recuperation is that when steep downhill the vehicle will not be faster. The system works like an engine brake, but also feeds energy into the battery.

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