Ample: Battery change pilot projects start in the US and Japan

Ample: Battery change pilot projects start in the US and Japan-projects

Eneos Holdings, Inc. and ample, inc., A USA-based startup company, in which Eneos has invested, provide business cooperation to introduce a battery change pilot project in Japan. Another partnership has started Ample with Sally, a new York City-based vehicle rental company for ridehailing, taxi and delivery services.

Ample promises the electric car invite as easy to make like a tank process. What makes it easy for the fact that the actual E-car is not loaded, but within minutes by robot small, modular battery packs to corresponding battery change stations are exchanged. This creates a cost-effective, flexible solution to ensure that the vehicles remain on the road as long as possible.

Of this, ENEOS would like to benefit in Japan to carry out a first project with several passenger and load-Mile suppliers within the financial year, which ends in March 2022 in Japan. In order to support the growth of renewable energies, Ample will also investigate the use of the exchange station as a large stationary battery. This should contribute to optimizing energy use and the ability to use the batteries as a source of emergency power.

Ample aims to promote the spread of electric vehicles by reducing the loss of time (for charging) and implementation costs (investment costs for the charging infrastructure) in connection with the electrification of vehicles. For the United States, Ample plans to provide a battery exchange service in large US cities such as San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago with Sally.

Only in March was the start-up to have partnerships with five car manufacturers with nine different electric vehicles using AMples Modular battery packs or adapted for them. In addition to the fact of acceptance on the market of users, the standardization of the service plays a crucial role. Ample wants every car to install its modules so that they are accessible from the bottom of the car. To get cars into your system, you have built replacement for your existing packs that allow your modules.

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3 thoughts on “Ample: Battery change pilot projects start in the US and Japan”

  1. What I could imagine, rent batteries would be rented for the holiday as a supplement to the smaller standard battery. Then you could sell e-cars with small everyday batteries and additional empty battery lots and if you have to drive a long distance to twice a year, you rent an extra battery to increase capacity. The savings resource, reduces the acquisition costs and reduces everyday consumption, since without the additional battery in everyday life with less weight is moved.

  2. The idea in itself is not new and actually obvious. However, a uniform battery format would be necessary for a general distribution. And the existing technology is too big and difficult. In addition to a maximum of battery capacity on the one hand and space on the other hand, crash safety and temperability must be considered. This leads to individual solutions, especially as the battery as a structural component in the focus device.

    If it would be the 100 kWh battery in the shoebox format, a change battery would be standard already.
    And with rising loading speeds, the desire for a change battery will not be gone in the future ..

    In addition, it is also a cost issue. The operator of a changeover station would like to work with profit. This is only possible with high sales. Any battery that lies around in the changeover station costs Invest and depreciation. That pays the customer. On the most economical is when the customer is snake and every freshly charged battery is used immediately. So does not work for the individual traffic ..

  3. Who needs change batteries, if I can be loaded a few years 400 km in 5 minutes?

    In order to save weight, batteries are considered as part of the body and installed accordingly, that would fall away during removable batteries, making electric cars heavier and increase the tire abrasion (fine dust).


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