Analysis: at the end of December more e-cars approved as diesel

Analysis: at the end of December more e-cars approved as diesel-e-cars

The European new registrations of purely electric vehicles exceeded the diesel for the first time in December 2021 (including. Hybrid), so the data of Automobile Analyst Matthias Schmidt. This shows that 20.4% of all cars restored in December were pure strometers. What a new monthly record of 175.Represents 500 units. The previous record was in December 2020 with 165.600 approved units reached.

Schmidt assumes that the sales of the E cars was probably favored by the semiconductor crisis. As a result, automobile manufacturers can compensate for higher margin vehicles with above-average emissions. Under the stroke also more profit retracted. In its detail consideration, it shows that in the last month of 2021 market penetration of purely electric vehicles in the new registrations of car has reached a historic milestone. So it was possible for the market to bring more pure strometers on the road than vehicles operated with diesel fuel.

While electric cars (176.100) In December 2021 for the first time the volume of diesel vehicles (161.000) exceeded, put the once-promised CO2-saving and profitable diesel vehicles their descent, “whereby the DieselGate scandal of Volkswagen is torpedo the models, which were once famous for their rattling as well as for their superior fuel consumption,” as Schmidt in his analysis executing.

Before dieselgate (September 2015), something more than any other newly authorized vehicle in the region was a diesel car, with the share of 55.5% in the full year 2011 at 55.5%. In December 2021, diesel penetration with only 18.7% was still under 20%, and only a handful of southern European markets such as Germany, France, Austria and Belgium still show a dwindling interest.

In the future, it is also possible to assume that the sales of pure strometers, driven by promotions and subsidies, continues to grow. Which will continue to go back by diesel vehicles. If one would apply the current sales figures to a “normal year”, the market share loses to the eight percent. This suggests on the other side that when we move out of the semiconductor crisis, the sales growth of electrified vehicles progressed slower than it should be the case. This leads to car manufacturers probably gain more money in more efficient, environmentally friendly combustion models to invest. To achieve the CO2 goals in 2025. The waiting times on new E cars is likely to extend in the same breath; At least for the models of European manufacturers. The paragraph Reiner e-cars from China should grow.

For 2022, with certainty, another growth of E-Auto volumes is expected. The European Electric Car Study published monthly by Schmidt Automotive Research forecasts for 2022 a lesser growth pace to 1.54 million. (+ 29% y / y) or 350.000 units more, which is mainly due to the opening of the German production facility of Tesla and a total market recovering in the second half of the year.

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4 thoughts on “Analysis: at the end of December more e-cars approved as diesel”

  1. “This makes on the other side suggest that when we move out of the semiconductor crisis, the sales growth of electrified vehicles progressed slower,”
    I do not believe that. On the contrary, you can see the insanely long waiting times for E-cars 9-12 months and more and that the e-up is still high in the admission numbers, although has not been available for over a year. The burner is dead Only many do not want to admit yet and save themselves with excavations like C-crisis material deficiency, semiconductors, etc. Strangely, however, there are still manufacturers of E-vehicles that rush from record to record

  2. This is a big problem for the dinos that still produce burners without en mass. This will soon fill the heaps and lose massive value. Maintenance costs for the ancient technologies eat the capital. Whoever sleeps as long as it is definitely to blame. That the process of electrification will become a rinnal to an avalanche belongs to the economic legality. The Early Adaptors are through, now comes the big crowd. The few innovation refusers will not be enough to fill the cash registers of dinos.

    I’m curious who eliminates the sail first.

  3. The article is spoken by pure streams, but hybrid is also meant ?
    Pure Stromer more approvals than diesel ? I can not believe that. By contrast, BEV + Phev more than diesel, that is clear in the tax benefits. However, the PHEV is on longer distances and on the highway at A. 30.000 km P.a. and more hopeless.


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