Analyst: 2021 E-cars are dominated via PHEV

Analyst: 2021 E-cars are dominated via PHEV-dominated

Automotive Analyst Matthias Schmidt from Berlin once again draws an intermediate conclusion to the registration numbers of electrified vehicles in its current report. And this is positive. Positive for pure electric cars whose admission numbers have increased significantly in recent months. Schmidt now assumes that electric cars will dominate the European car market and thus leave plug-in hybrids behind them.

The year 2021 began quite strong for the part-time electricity group. In the first five months of the year, the admission numbers for PHEVs were higher than the E-Cars. The following three months were dominated by E cars. And Schmidt is quite confident that this trend will prevail until the end of the year. Its report to understand that the number of e-cars are supervised to around 1.132 million approvals. Plug-in hybrids should, on the other hand, set to “only” 1,088 million approvals in the same period of time.

The launch of the European Tesla plant, in the second half of the year, is likely to increase the regional Tesla volume this year, according to the analyst in its rating of the market for 2021. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, gave in the Q2 Call to understand that with a limited start-up of European production from October. Parallel to this Tesla has started the import of the Tesla Model Y from China already in September. This measure will also contribute to the sales growth of Tesla electric cars in Europe.

In addition to Tesla, the VW Group is a great importance of increasing the E-Auto and Plug-In-Hierbrid sales in Europe. It is expected that the MEB startup of the VW Group with a volume of “over 200.000 alone of Zwickau “arrives. This was confirmed by VW against Schmidt. Not included are the Skoda EnyaQ models prepared in the Czech Republic, which also deposit the E-Auto paragraph of the VW Group. However, Schmidt also shows that reaching the maximum production capacity of 330.000 units not expected before 2022.

But who expects the e-auto growth linear continues to be disappointed. For as analyst SCHMIDT to understand the CO2-power average data indicates that the automobile manufacturers brake the introduction of electrified vehicles as quickly as they accelerated these. Nevertheless, it will give it a positive outlook for the 2021 approval numbers.

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2 thoughts on “Analyst: 2021 E-cars are dominated via PHEV”

  1. For as analyst SCHMIDT to understand the CO2-power average data indicates that the automobile manufacturers brake the introduction of electrified vehicles as quickly as they accelerated these.

    Or expressed differently – there are probably only as many e-cars to be built as absolutely necessary to avoid penalty payments in billions.

    T&E: Auto industry wants to prevent stricter EU exhaust standards with “dirty tricks”.

    The Environmental Association Transport & Environment (T&E) If the auto industry accuses to prevent stricter EU emission standards with “dirty tricks”. The European industry attempts to undermine the EU plans to reduce the pollution by road traffic with aggressive lobbying and blank allegations.


    T&E calls for the Euro-7 Standard closing in addition to stricter emissions rules, due to the vehicles the legal limits may exceed significantly.

    (Source: Ecomento.DE – 23.09.2021)

    This means that the environmental associations must remain vigilant and the EU limits for CO2 emissions must be continuously downwards, otherwise the interests of manufacturers must be developed to build more electric vehicles, especially as Tesla in their own country of certificate trade is still to rise.

    Without an early burner-out, it will not work, otherwise the lobbyists are going up to the top form and hesitate to switch to electric vehicles for many years, while the old stock is still huge and will pollute the environment for 10 – 15 years, because For e-fuels, the green electricity is missing.

  2. Hybrids are the second largest scam in humanity (Quote Fritz Indra). Drive 2 engines, keep silent from maintenance. It will be time that the promotion is set here. Who makes itself such a vehicle? But only people with a paranoid range of reach arrested in diffuse mobile habits.


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