Analyst: 2021 electrified cars are 2 million.-cross a border

Analyst: 2021 electrified cars are 2 million.-cross a border-electrified

Automobile Analyst Matthias Schmidt from Berlin assumes in his last report that pure electric cars 2021 will exceed the limit of a million approvals in Europe. But above all, plug-in hybrids will determine the market in 2021. Good three and a half months before the end of the year, we look at this analysis a little more accurate and show what proportion of e-cars and phev. As well as which manufacturers drivers a crucial contribution to the e-sales.

Schmidt assumes that in Europe 1.046.650 Stromer on the street. Despite persistent tirades against e-mobility, Covid-19 challenges, as well as emerging and ongoing semiconductor deficiencies. This corresponds to a slight increase in the e-auto sales if you set up its last analysis from June 2021. Overall, he forecasts a pure electric car share of 8.7 percent in total sales of 12.1 million cars in Europe. Its adoption is based on consensus forecasts for the most important markets of national authorities as well as on the plans of automobile manufacturers themselves.

The launch of the European Tesla plant, in the second half of the year, is likely to increase the regional Tesla volume this year, according to the analyst in its rating of the market for 2021. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, gave in the Q2 Call to understand that with a limited start-up of European production from October. Parallel to this Tesla has started the import of the Tesla Model Y from China already in September. This measure will also contribute to the sales growth of Tesla electric cars in Europe.

In addition to Tesla, the VW Group is a great importance of increasing the E-Auto and Plug-In-Hierbrid sales in Europe. The VW Group has it in the first seven months in 2021 to 144.816 Electric cars and 136.399 Plug-in hybrids, which were admitted in Europe. This corresponds to a share of Europe’s e-car market of 24%. Say, almost every fourth, electrified vehicle in 2021 comes from the VW Group.

Tesla brought it to 67 in the same period.338 E vehicles that could be deducted from the European market. This corresponds to a share of 5.7 percent in the overall market. Thus less than the share of the electricity of the VW Group (12.36%). Above all, the fact that even the brand Volkswagen alone 86 is exciting.074 E-cars could discontinue (7.35%) and thus more than industry prime Tesla.

Schmidt also arranges the whole thing a little and shows that VW benefits, among other things, that one of its own car-sharing fleet in Berlin and Hamburg around 2.300 Stromer is supplied by the end of the year. An advantage of which Tesla so the same lacks. On model level, there is still another picture. Here is the Tesla Model 3 with 66.683 Approvals in the first seven months 2021 the nose in front. Behind this follows by far the VW ID.3 with 35.481 approvals. The electrician with the second-time approvals from the VW Group is the VW ID.4 with 27.881 approvals.

But who expects the e-auto growth linear continues to be disappointed. For as analyst SCHMIDT to understand the CO2-power average data indicates that the automobile manufacturers brake the introduction of electrified vehicles as quickly as they accelerated these. SCHMIDT has found that in addition to the likelihood of a delayed Tesla production hood in Europe, Hyundai / Kia will bring only a very limited amount of its new e-auto models based on the E-GMP architecture this year on the street. And yet the border seems to grab one million e-cars in 2021.

The combined E-Auto / plug-in hybrid forecast for 2021 sees a 16.9% penetration of a 12.1 million. Market or 2.04 million units before. Accordingly, this shows the presentation of various premium partial circuits from the German market. It also shows that they place themselves with larger, electric ranges in the market in order to be important for future years. Keyword crediting CO2 goals. If the 2.04 million electrified vehicles are reached at the end of 2021, sales in Europe was able to over 700.000 vehicles are increased. An announcement. However, we know more only at the end of the year. At the latest then there is a review of our side.

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2 thoughts on “Analyst: 2021 electrified cars are 2 million.-cross a border”

  1. For the fact that electric cars boom and today can be done almost every electric car to the man, or of course to the woman, or of course to other sexes, they had a 3-year lead in large-scale production at Tesla. Because they delivered from 2017 in large series, while VW attacked only 2020.

    This three years you have completely played by completely missed model policy and catastrophic quality defects in production. VW reached a year to depend Tesla in Europe. In the first month, where next to Model 3 the Model Y was sold in Germany, the August, the VW Group had 35% market share. They are a power.

    And, yes, the fleets come now. VW and Mercedes are prepared there. Tesla has stop for fleets. For this the margin is too short. But ultimately, the chip deficiency will give up the production still good 18 months, which is good, because it is not the battery.


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