Analyst: Development of electric car market in Europe to Corona

Analyst: Development of electric car market in Europe to Corona-market

Matthias Schmidt, automotive analyst, in his last report already to understand that the electric car licensing figures in Europe are rather declining in 2020. This no longer stands the 700.000 E-car settings as a target mark in the room, but the 144.000 units on 556.000 reduces brand. Furthermore, driven by effects of coronavirus, the development of the European e-auto market entirely.

Assuming that the CO2 goals persist and the Western European car market is recovering quickly, probably inspired by incentives like a scrapping premium – similar to the financial crisis – the e-auto volume is rising parallel to the overall market. For this reason, the volumes in 2020 are probably due to the declining overall market under plan. Then shoot up in 2021 but strong up. Currently, in 2021, one can still expire from a 7 percent share in total sales in Europe. Up to one million e-cars are possible in 2021, insofar as the market is recovered and competitive through subsidies and other incentives.

In one of his last reports, Schmidt gave to understand that after this increase, a flattening will occur. Where you will land in 2024 at the level of 2019/2020 before 2025 then the paragraph rises again. In this case driven by the fact that the CO2 fleet goals of 95g / km are reduced by average by 15 percent. Meanwhile, the automotive analyst assumes that the annual E-Auto volume reached between 2022 to 2024 1.25 million units per year and then rises sharply up to 2025 to 1.6 million. What is from today’s perspective 2025 well eleven percent share in the overall market.

Already in December we were able to hold that plug-in hybrids will play an important role in achieving these goals. Due to the total market exhaust, the brand is at risk of a million PHEV in 2020, however. The prognosis of PSA that the total amount of PHEV approvals in the 30 European markets will exceed the electric car approvals by 2025: with predicted 1.93 million (PHEV) or. 1.57 million units (electric car), is still in the room.

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2 thoughts on “Analyst: Development of electric car market in Europe to Corona”

  1. This is read again in the glass ball. Whether the CO2 goals are interested in the car buyers. Why should something be changed in 2020 at the buying behavior of the car buyers? The charging structure has not become better, the e-cars are still too expensive and too impractical and the e-car has the same problems as a normal combustion: one does not find any parking, in addition no charging station and you’re just in the traffic jam. So what has improved compared to 2019, 2018 or 2017?
    If the numbers of the newly authorized E-cars rises strongly, then only through factory facilities, dealer admissions demonstration cars etc.


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