Analyst: Europe only 556.000 E-car settings by Corona

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Analyst: Europe only 556.000 E-car settings by Corona-analyst

Often we quote at electric car news.Net the statement of Matthias Schmidt, automotive analyst, the Europe 2020 the 700.000er limit to electric car approvals is exceeded. In September he still went from admission figures over the 600.000er border, shows itself confident at the end of the year that the 700.000er border is exceeded. But then Corona came and everything was different.

February as the last month of relative normality on the market

In its current view of the market – State February 2020 – SCHMIDT is directly to be understood to understand that February “will undoubtedly be the last month of relative normality, as the Corona virus has not directly influenced European February registrations”. In February, according to its evaluation, it was brought to a share of E-cars at the total sales of four percent. Based on the last twelve months (February 2019 – February 2020), it was just under the border of 400.000 approved E-cars.

Driven by the CO2 fleet values, which manufacturers have fulfilled Schmidt assumed that the car manufacturers 2020 reach their CO2 goals. He assumed one of his former reports that electric car volume in Europe of 335.000 units in 2019 to over 700.000 increase and nearly one million units per year will reach nearly one million units by 2021 after the introduction phase. Subsequently, a flattening occurs, arrive at the level of 2019/2020 in 2024, before 2025 then the paragraph will rise again. In this case driven by the fact that the CO2 fleet goals of 95g / km are reduced by average by 15 percent.

Decline from around 21 percent at approvals

Schmidt is now in hand with LMC automotive as well as Moody’s hand and transmits the predicted decline of 21 percent at the car market on the electrified drives. This no longer stands the 700.000 E-car settings as a target mark in the room, but the 144.000 units on 556.000 reduces brand. Unchanged, according to the automotive analyst, the market share of five percent of alternative drives on the pan-European market remains.

“With a large number of paid jobs for e-cars and large fleet transactions that are already completed, the electric car market will probably prove to be more resistant than the overall market, especially if the CO2 goals are still on the table and hitherto hardly one Displacement is required.”- Matthias Schmidt, automobile analyst

Schmidt, however, is also to understand that you can also look at the whole thing from another perspective. Thus, compliance with the Corporate Average Fuel Economy specifications is even more achievable, since less e-auto volume must be registered in a falling overall market, as the E-Auto penetration will increase accordingly.

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