Analyst: Lower middle class (VW ID.3) Loses to market share

Analyst: Lower middle class (VW ID.3) Loses to market share-middle

After the first half of 2021, an unchanged image of the E-car settings is characterized by segment. Electric SUV and e-Crossover give the sound. By the end of June, this segment was responsible for more than any third new approval (35.3%). In June alone, E-SUV and crossover contributed to 37.7% of the total settlements in Europe’s e-car market. And although the half-year end spurt of Tesla was quite felt.

Thus, 2021 actually seems to develop the year of electric SUV and E-Crossover. At the end of January, this segment was able to record a new high. Then had to accept a first, small damper in February, before the upswing started again in March. At the end of April 2021, the segment of the E-SUV and electro-crossover was responsible for 42.5% of all approvals. In May, the proportion was slightly back. However, the expected breather in June remained. Despite an increase in volume in the “Near Executive Models” segment. The paragraph of Model 3 enabled the share in this segment to over 20%.

Negative growth, or a decline in market shares, was found in the lower middle class. A segment, which in the past strongly through the paragraph of the ID.3 was driven. The sector fell to 12.3% in June, for the first time in the first six months of the year, he fell behind the Basic segment. The latter segment benefits in its growth by the delayed paragraph 2020. This causes the longitudicated VW e-up! Furthermore, the Meisticalle E-automobile remained in Germany.

The segment of the small cars was not so far away from the Basic segment with 13.3%, driven by popular models such as the Renault Zoe, the Peugeot E-208 and the Opel Corsa-E. Below we have considered the purely electric vehicles in their respective segments to allow a comparison.

Period January to June 2021

  • Basic – 16.4 percent
  • Dutch car – 13.3 percent
  • Lower middle class – 16.3 percent
  • Near Executive – 15.2 percent
  • SUV / Crossover – 35.3 percent
  • Luxury class – 2.00 percent
  • Commercial vehicle class / minibus – 0.40 percent
  • Other – 1,10 percent

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6 thoughts on “Analyst: Lower middle class (VW ID.3) Loses to market share”

  1. is not a wonder in the lower middle class, there are currently only the ID3 & Ionic Classic and Facelift and nothing else, there is even more of these vehicles there is no right attachment coupling. Especially with us in the countryside is the a car without trailer hitch an absolute Nogo

  2. The analysis probably only applies only to PHEVs, not on BEVs, which are dominated in this country and in Europe from the first three rational auto segments. Where reason is a stretchable term in terms of SUVs and depends on its energy consumption benefit level.
    But could change by introducing Y by S3xy, as already happened in Asia and America.

  3. VW has limited producing capacities for its MEB vehicles Higher-priced vehicles such as VW ID.4 and Audi Q4 E-Tron have priority in poduction.

  4. How a “bomb” (vw-fanboys) proves to be a dudder ..
    BTW Fortunately, the “little man” / normal earner with currently about 60% mark share is very well served …
    Think pink !

  5. I drive a Caddy Comfortline 1.6l Diesel BJ 2014 (20500 € EU vehicle original price !) And I looked at the ID3 times, well. I see it that way: I want a practical car with good space. What I do not like at all E-cars is the excessive price and the high loading edge, no matter what a manufacturer. Only the loading edge of the Skoda Enyaq is just like that.
    But next year Renault wants to bring the new Kangoo Electro, let’s see if the an acceptable leasing offer could be changed. Leasing because the technology will be so outdated in 3 years, that you will only start the cart with great loss.

  6. If you actually make yourself the effort, you would quickly realize that VW delivers more or less constant values for the ID3, while the remaining total market is growing. why? VW currently has no incentives of cheaper model, which run from the same band as the Q4 – Zwickau runs quite surely for stop or what the component purchase and the BEV allow quotas.
    https: // EU-ECS.COM / ModelCharts / Volkswagen / ID.3 / DE / YOY-CHART


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