Analyst prophesent strong E-auto sales increase still in 2020

Analyst prophesent strong E-auto sales increase still in 2020-sales

Automobiles Analyst Matthias Schmidt already revised the possible paragraph forecast of pure electric cars on the European electrical automotive for the second time. After the previously corrected forecast to 560.000 in 1. Quarter, after the outbreak of the global Covid 19 pandemic, he gives it to be understood that he goes out of an increasing sales. He corrects his forecast by around 12 percent up to 620.000 units that could be admitted in Europe 2020.

Surely the race contributes to the accelerated paragraph, to achieve CO2 fleet specifications,. During the first ten months of the year, Europe’s E-Car Market reached 896.900 units, which, according to the own European database of Schmidt Automotive Research and the Chinese data delivered by the CAAM, only 3.100 units behind China in the same period – although the Chinese volumes also contain commercial vehicle data. With the 620 placed by Schmidt in the room.000 units would therefore have around 140.400 Stromer be discontinued in 2020 or expressed differently 70.200 electric cars in November and December 2020.

To classify, in October 2020, the electric car approvals with 72.000 units a new record up. The sales increase on the targeted 620.000 E cars would definitely create at the same paragraph. The automotive analyst relates to understanding that the propheated 2020 paragraph is equivalent to a 5.7 percentage of total car in Europe. The basis for this is the consideration of the total market, forecasting a decline of -24.1% forecast to 10.85 million units.

At the end of October, it was shown that sales from January to October 2020 (479.600 E cars) from the same period of the previous year (354.000 units) has exceeded significantly. In his analysis, Schmidt agrees with the fact that different manufacturers gave to understand that despite Covid-19 Lockdown the sale of their own stromer is pushed further forward. The order books are still well filled and would work step by step.

Nevertheless, it can be assumed that manufacturers are “tricks” again when the CO2 goals important for them are achieved. At this time, it must then be assumed that there are still releasing deliveries still transferred after 2021 to build a corresponding CO2 buffer for the new year at an early stage. A number of important adjustments both in private purchase and for the tax incentives for electric cars and plug-in hybrids will help in his view that this year the CO2 conformity targets are achieved.

But it is also conceivable that some manufacturers try to exceed their own goals to open their CO2 pools. This could open another attractive source of income, as Tesla has already done with FCA in the past.

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  1. What a grandiose performance! There is still a Jaresprognose to correct a jaresprognosis at the beginning of December, which was already wrong twice. Who takes such foam rackets seriously?


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