Animal and Nunam: Supply India with electricity from old e-scooter batteries

Animal and Nunam: Supply India with electricity from old e-scooter batteries-nunam

In the summer of last year, the leading providers of the E-Scooter sector in Europe – Dott, Animal and VoI – agreed that they will contribute to a higher level of sustainability standards and practices in all areas of the E-Scooter industry. Animal sets one more in 2021 and will secure the green energy supply in rural areas of India with old e-scooter batteries.

For this you have joined together with Nunam, a German-Indian impact start-up. Together they will convert used e-scooter batteries into new energy storage systems to extend their lifespan that improving environmental compatibility and support local organizations in India with sustainable second-life battery solutions.

Animal pursues the way of thinking that Second-Life solutions are more sustainable than recycling. This is due to the fact that the batteries still have more than 80% of their capacity after several hundred charging cycles. Although their maximum performance is no longer sufficient for the operation of the E-Scooter, but the individual cells still have full capacity to hold a cargo. To reuse you, the battery cells are re-bundled and integrated in Powerbanks, for example, to charge smartphones, fans or lamps.

“Sustainability is one of our central values and we consider them holistic. In addition to the obvious environment aspect, we also want to focus on the social side of sustainability and support communities in India with our Second-Life battery solutions.”- Lawrence Leuschner, co-founder and CEO of animal

From sites, Darshan Virupaksha, co-founder of Nunam, the cooperation is also commendable: “With animal we want to contribute to the fact that the exponential growth of batteries in the E-Scooter sector in each phase of life cycle, especially in the second, to a positive Catalyst becomes. We believe that this is a great opportunity for society and the environment and that the existing potential can be further developed when reuse is at the center of the process – starting with the design philosophy of e-mobility solutions and the batteries used.”

The German-Indian start-up extracts the cells from the used e-scooter batteries and tests each individual on their efficiency by being charged and checked whether they can hold a cargo. Battery cells consisting of this test are used in Powerbanks, which can provide electricity and energy. Especially in rural areas in India, these can become a problem solver on the spot.

The partnership is the youngest step taking the animal to expand its commitment to sustainability and circulating economy. In February of this year, animal announced its partnership with Northvolt, a leading innovator and supplier of sustainable, high-quality battery cells and systems, known.

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1 thought on “Animal and Nunam: Supply India with electricity from old e-scooter batteries”

  1. Sustainability is only guaranteed when the batteries are disposed of and recycled at the end of their lifecycle.
    I can not imagine this in India, where all the waste of this world is shipped to fast disposal, and the people in a miserly raw material are separated by incineration.
    Then would be the question

    • How to load there batteries,
    • Who finances the whole and
    • Where will be checked that this battery does not end up in the life cycle in botany

    Why are the battery packs not used with us for the purpose of building solar storage, why does this battery have to land in areas where never asks again?


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