APMA Project Arrow: Canadian suppliers build electric SUVs

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A first prototype should be ready in 2023 and series production will begin in 2025

APMA Project Arrow: Canadian suppliers build electric SUVs-apma

Project Arrow: With this title, Canadian auto suppliers want to develop an electric SUV. According to the project plan, the car is to be presented at CES 2022 – that would be the week after next. A drivable prototype should then be ready in 2023, series production with an annual volume of 60,000 units is planned for 2025, as reported by Auto Motor und Sport.

The development is organized by the Canadian Automotive Parts Manufacturerer's Association (APMA), i.e. the association of auto parts manufacturers. The impetus for the project came from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who wants to make the country climate neutral by 2050. The project name Arrow is derived from the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow ab, a 1950s Canadian interceptor that never entered service. The car is to be designed, developed and built entirely in Canada. Apparently the whole thing is also a marketing project to make the Canadian auto suppliers better known.

Picture gallery: APMA Project Arrow (2021)

APMA Project Arrow: Canadian suppliers build electric SUVs-suppliers

So far there are apparently only renderings of the car; the optics emerged from a design competition and comes from a team from the School of Industrial Design at Carleton University in Ottawa. The pictures show a futuristic SUV with a rising window line, slit-like headlights and a roof spoiler. The car is vaguely reminiscent of Range Rover models.

The doors are one of the special features: They do not swing open, but slide forwards and backwards parallel to the car. There is no B-pillar. There are four individual seats inside, which apparently swivel outwards for boarding. The cockpit consists of a square steering wheel and two displays, one behind the steering wheel and the other directly under the windshield.

The project was divided into four phases. Phase 1 consisted of the design competition. In phase 2, the technical data of the vehicle should actually have been determined in autumn 2020. However, they can not yet be found on the website. Phase 3 with the virtual presentation of the study was planned for 2021. This phase is said to be according to a video on the website to be finished.

Phase 4 provides for the presentation of a study. The video no longer speaks of CES 2022, but only of the year 2022. When the CES starts at the beginning of January, we will know whether it worked with the trade fair premiere.

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