Appeal to traffic light traffic policy: Away with the gifts of money for electric tanks!


Appeal to traffic light traffic policy: Away with the gifts of money for electric tanks!

Appeal to traffic light traffic policy: Away with the gifts of money for electric tanks!-light
Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa/archive image More and more e-cars are being registered, but the charging infrastructure still leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

The designated transport minister wants to relieve drivers. One should not hope for that. But if petrol doesn’t get much cheaper, at least the electromobilists, who have been richly gifted so far, have to end their green fare evasion.

Drivers in Germany haven’t heard a sentence like this for a long time: "Mobility must remain affordable and must not become a luxury", says the designated transport minister of the traffic lights, Volker Wissing (FDP). In the end, Germany’s motorists only knew blood, sweat and tears – especially at the petrol pump: a liter of Super sometimes cost two euros, and the main responsibility for the extremely climbing petrol price is borne by the state with its ultra-low tax handle in our wallets .

Driving will probably not get much cheaper

Now – quite surprisingly – no Greens are planned as Minister of Transport, but an FDP man. So there is a kind of liberal guard rail for driving into the abyss of a green anti-car country full of pop-up bike lanes and speed limits that could prevent the worst.

However, it is unlikely that driving will really become significantly cheaper, because the Greens, who want to transform the Ministry of Economic Affairs into a kind of climate ministry with an economic face, are unlikely to roll back the regular increase in the CO2 tax that has been set. The times at the wheel remain tough and not a dry eye when refueling.

Find the cheapest fuel prices thanks to the app

Appeal to traffic light traffic policy: Away with the gifts of money for electric tanks!-appeal

CHIP Find the cheapest fuel prices thanks to the app

Let’s just throw 15 million e-cars

According to a real planned economy, the announcement in the coalition agreement that they want to have at least 15 million electric cars on the road by 2030 at the latest stinks. That makes around 1.8 new Stromers per year. Assuming an average of three million new registrations in Germany per year, 600 of them.000 electric vehicles (current forecast for 2021), 1.2 million electric vehicles will have to be added in the future. Every year, of course. They should all be fueled with green electricity.

Transport minister-to-be Volker Wissing and economic climate minister (or is it called climate economy minister?) Robert Habeck now only has to invent a kind of super machine that puts wind turbines in every front yard every day – I recommend the documentary for this "End of landscape" produced as a small preview of your future panorama in front of the window and at the same time charging stations on the assembly line. Always in the hope that the necessary electricity demand will somehow be met by the parallel phase-out of nuclear power (from 2022) and coal (by 2030 at the latest). Actually, Annalena Baerbock should help out with one of her ingenious physics overcoming tips ("The network is the storage"), but she has said goodbye to the Foreign Ministry and can then watch the drama from further away.

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The back door: new climate fuels

If you say now "That can’t work at all", First of all, you are of course right, but secondly, you also have to consider a crucial sentence in the coalition agreement that many overlook: "Outside the existing system of fleet limit values, we are committed to ensuring that only vehicles that can be refueled with e-fuels can be newly registered."

This Tesla runs on gas! Electric hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with mini battery

Appeal to traffic light traffic policy: Away with the gifts of money for electric tanks!-light

site This Tesla fuels petrol! Electric hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with mini battery

This sentence is a source of hope for all motorists who are not convinced of e-mobility – and that is still the vast majority – because it means nothing other than: Even after the targeted end of combustion engines in 2035, the manufacturers should continue to offer petrol or diesel cars, provided they run on synthetic fuels. Because they are ideally CO2-neutral in the eco-balance. This back door should be wide open if the targeted electric goals are not achieved after all. It’s almost a bit reassuring that the traffic light coalition partners don’t completely hide reality.

Finally stop subsidizing electric tanks!

But none of this is worth much if the traffic light doesn’t finally take the long overdue step of ending the one-sided promotion of electric cars. Because it costs us taxpayers up to 20 per vehicle.000 euros, as recently calculated by a study by Deutsche Bank . In fact, she drives "green" E-mobility technology still "black". This will not only be an increasing problem of justice for non-electric drivers, but also for the national budget. Because how long does Christian Lindner, who acted as Minister of Finance, want to watch how a rapidly growing number of thick electric SUVs use roads and public charging stations, but their drivers make no contribution to them?

It is a fatal signal that the traffic light wants to continue the electric subsidies until at least 2022 and that a further extension until 2025 is open. Because e-mobility – that’s what we hear day in and day out – is supposedly the superior technology. However, it then has to prove that without the need for permanent market distortion through subsidies.

New ADAC survey shows what currently frustrates e-car drivers the most

Appeal to traffic light traffic policy: Away with the gifts of money for electric tanks!-appeal

site/weekit New ADAC survey shows what currently frustrates e-car drivers the most

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18 thoughts on “Appeal to traffic light traffic policy: Away with the gifts of money for electric tanks!”

  1. If the manufacturers
    only bring small and micro cars onto the market that run on electricity, then just buy … still a fraction of people such technology. In any case, I don’t want to have to drive around in a soap box a la Smart. Without the luxury segments and the SUV, there will be no e-revolution. People don’t let themselves be put into uniform little boxes like in the former GDR, the word "automobile" lead ad absurdum. Uniformity was and is an anti-concept that characterizes dictatorships. This whole cross-financing and subsidization at taxpayer expense is also a sign of dictatorial principles. And therefore to be rejected. electric car? No thanks.

  2. It can be like
    everyone can buy their dream car, but then without subsidies. Personally, I don’t see it helping to finance large luxury cars with planned obsolescence that clog cities and waste parking space just because some people think they can’t do without their living room on wheels. As I said, everyone can do but without state. financial support.

  3. Basically, it’s easy against something
    For example against subsidies. Unless you benefit from it yourself. You wouldn’t lose the environmental bonus for a small car either, you say yourself. And I’ll bet that you’ve already taken a number of state subsidies with you and will continue to take them with you. But the main thing, fundamentally against it. lol

  4. so,
    From the point of view of a city dweller, I would only support small and very small cars. Regardless of the design, I think cars are much too big these days. Whether SUV, sedan, station wagon or whatever. Smaller vehicles would also help to alleviate the problem of parking spaces in cities, at least somewhat. The promotion would make more sense if it was next to the "environmental friendliness" would also consider sustainability and size, as well as longevity. I would also particularly encourage small cars (there could also be 4 seats for families) with removable batteries, since such concepts can really work in e-mobility. The vast majority of trips in the city could be easily done with it and the charging problem for lantern parkers would be solved

  5. Mr. Kross
    There are already useful concepts and you could also charge in the basement. If you can equip an underground car park with wall boxes, then it should be easy to equip a basement room with a ramp and Euro sockets. That’s all you need. Batteries are moved in a caddy. Not under the arm.

  6. One wonders about them
    Attacks against SUVs in another report and at the same time such cars are pilloried in another report. The press calls them tanks. The press makes the mistake of doing this. It stigmatizes such cars and encourages the underexposed to take action against such cars. Forbid, make more expensive etc.s.w. are the more harmless variants. The press would love to call for war on such cars. And the gossip bunnies cheer. If you go to the press, on the other hand, they cry out for freedom of the press. They are the biggest detractors.

  7. The pension officer…
    …with its all-round impact, which can no longer be beaten in terms of quality. If the arguments run out, the handle goes into the polemic box and it becomes insulting. You really shouldn’t reply to such ejections, since every regulars’ table in your home country of Bavaria is probably of a higher standard. But what should it, I prefer to keep it with the real experts, such as the Fraunhofer Institute, who make a pension official look old when the study says that giant batteries have no chance of long-haul, even if e-cars drive 13 years. Leave it in pension officials, your explanations are really interested in nobody but a few like -minded people who are less in number than fingers by the hand!

  8. Just Mr. Vogel,
    You shouldn’t only answer your comments anymore, preferably don’t read anymore. Just like the comments from Mr. F or R!

  9. Electrical cancer!
    It hits the nail on the head! A Ford Ranger Diesel with a length of 5.20m, as a pickup the enemy image of everyone "Eco", has an empty weight of 2092kg with a 170PS diesel engine. A brand new Mercedes EQS as a flagship of e-mobility weighs over 2400kg empty. Huge amounts of raw materials are installed in e-vehicles weighing tons to install huge batteries, which should then offer ranges of over 600km. Instead of developing light compact vehicles that also offer such ranges, investments are being made in electric monster vehicles that make pickups look like lightweights.

  10. Bird Harakiri
    A Ford Ranger Diesel with 2.100 kg weight should be ecologically better than a Mercedes EQS e-car with 2.400kg. Because – please hold on or. buckle- the EQS is "heavy tons" & "amounts of raw materials" are built into it, while the Ford pickup appears "already as a lightweight". Dear combustion engine friends, if you have such a bird in your ranks, you no longer need (E-)enemies. harakiri!

  11. One
    every politically responsible person would have to make sense of who is one "electro tank "can afford NO FINANCIAL RELIEF! Nobody needs me there either "personal disadvantage" come. Those who cannot afford an electric tank must be promoted and a hard line must be drawn here, which is also responsible for monetary policy. Particular attention is paid to the manufacturers who also offer a sufficient range in terms of price.

  12. Of course the expert….
    …for fire protection. If it can happen that 1400 cars burn down, this is a sign that an existing extinguishing system did not work, or that there was none at all, which I can not imagine! But the "expert" can certainly provide facts, or shouldn’t talk too much!

  13. e-mobility
    will not prevail. Too expensive to buy, poor infrastructure and only partially suitable for frequent drivers. In addition, e-cars are far too big and consume enormous amounts of electricity. At prices of up to 70ct per kw/h, it is not cheaper than a petrol engine of the same size. Of course, if you want to exclude 50% of the population from individual mobility, that’s the right way. The only question is whether we will put up with it.

  14. @KOpnick head in the sand and through
    What shouldn’t be doesn’t exist either, logically. Dendrites are real and cannot be argued away. They belong to the rechargeable batteries and are extremely dangerous due to their unpredictability. It can only be avoided if the capacity is almost 0, so no solution. Batteries will suddenly catch fire again and again. Not just postbuses, buses and VWs, but also Teslas, as experience shows.

  15. E cars
    In order to charge the masses, wind turbines are now supposed to disfigure the landscape everywhere. If there isn’t the associated green electricity to make them drive, that’s a daring model. Everything in nature should be driven back to implement this blind ideology. And the state earns a lot from it. When selling a new car, 19% of the VAT on the electricity tax and duties. Good source of income.

  16. @ long – good that there are such forums
    … like here in the site. Thanks to “swarm intelligence”, fake news doesn’t have a long half-life. The statement that e-cars cannot “counter climate change” is untenable at the end of 2021. All recent studies agree: Calculated from production to decommissioning, i.e. in the life cycle of a car, even with today’s electricity mix, e-cars cause significantly less CO2 than petrol and diesel engines.

  17. Well Mr. Viemann…
    … actually you had spoiled it for me a long time ago to read your articles with pleasure and approval. The image you are now giving is that of an e-car opponent, SUV friend and climate denier. Yes, there are still many problems to be solved with e-mobility. But combustion engines are expressly not the future. How much do you think e-fuels will cost in the future and how (in)efficient is the production of them alone? ? They only incite the even more drastic climate deniers, old diesel frequent drivers, inventory protection fighters and mobile egoists to spin their nonsense further, with the help of the FDP and the Union… But in my experience, this comment is too strict for publication through site… let’s see…

  18. No no dear reader,..
    her comment was not too severe for the site to publish. But you would probably refuse to publish such critical articles, which sometimes uncomfortably oppose the current flower-in-your-hair trend. Could encourage one or the other who swims on the green wave of activism to think. Quickly painting everything green doesn’t help our globe one bit


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