Apple Car: Personnel, Software and Current Development Statement – Update

Apple Car: Personnel, Software and Current Development Statement - Update-development

Really quiet it will not be a possible electric car from Apple. Personnel has changed in the former “Titan” project a lot, a new platform strategy stands in the room and first 3D designs of the supposed Apple E cars were surfaced. We have summarized the current developments below. But first a review.

The automotive efforts of the iPhone manufacturer, known as project titanium, have been running since 2014. Because at this time, the American company started to design his own electric car from scratch. In February 2019, it was reported. The Apple officially published and explained his excursion to e-mobility as finished. But then lately more rumors came up that Apple did not finish the project in full. Any cooperation with Hyundai and Kia was denied. And also an Apple ICAR based on the CANOO skateboard platform is no longer conceivable after its recent realignment.

For the actual E platform, the media currently lose a few words, for the potential software platform of the E-CARS. This should be based on Apple CarPlay and expanded to an independent operating system. The Nomenclature Apple’s following it could be caros. In addition to the further development to the independent operating system, Apple should also work on the development of the corresponding chips.

Furthermore, Apple Insiders are intended to negotiate with the Chinese Catl and BYD on the delivery of batteries for his electric car project ICAR, as the news agency Reuters reported on four insiders. However, the talks are still at an early stage and it is not clear whether they also lead to cooperation.

The joint joint venture of LG and Magna currently operates as “LG Magna E-PowerTrain” and could win as one of his first customers Apple for themselves. According to information of the Korea Times, it is assumed that the joint venture will manufacture the first series of Apple Electric cars. However, before 2025 is not to be expected with no production vehicle.

In terms of personal details, Apple also recorded new arrivals in recent months. After Ulrich Kranz led for BMW the development of the pioneering I3 and the I8 hybrid, he went to the startup Faraday Future and founded later Canoo. Wreath should take a leadership role in Project Titan directly under the former model 3 production manager Field.

Tim Cheng led the team for car operating systems at Apple bought the developer forings of autonomous driving systems in 2019. Hans Lee, on the other hand, came until March this year. He previously left the company’s Freedom Robotics, who developed by him, develops software for controlling robot fleets.

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2 thoughts on “Apple Car: Personnel, Software and Current Development Statement – Update”

  1. I think Apple sees what happens in the market. The prestigious OEM take over because an electric car at the end is only one car with another drive. The rest remains – so designers, engineers and sales specialists currently make a big part of the value added.

    The hype about self-propelled vehicles has come to a standstill. One has recognized the last 1% reliability requires so much development performance, as the 99% before. So that lasts a few years. Then Apple could attack again in a larger style. Now you will develop smart carplay so as to get an important motion data.

  2. I also think that Apple sees exactly what happens in the market and you will have recognized that it goes with a car especially others about the software.
    Everyone can assemble the sheet metal parts, even VW.
    In this case then Magna / LG

    Only a reasonable error-free software can not deliver everyone. That has also noticed vw painfully.
    That the ID series now works so that the things may be called a car has cost VW powerful money.

    I hope so again such an AHA effect as the I-Phone.
    I would definitely appreciate it.

    It remains very exciting


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