Apple seems to be averted by Byd-Catl, go to Panasonic

Apple seems to be averted by Byd-Catl, go to Panasonic-seems

Apple is intended to negotiate insiders with the Chinese companies Catl and BYD on the supply of batteries for his electric car project ICAR, as the news agency Reuters reported on vocation to four insiders in June 2021. But now the negotiations seem to stall up. It seems like Apple putting on batteries from the USA. Panasonic stands high in the course.

Even with first talks with BYD / CATL, it should be clear that Apple have for the design of cooperation concrete conditions. Thus, the construction of production facilities of the battery partner on site in the USA is a prerequisite. The second prerequisite, which was not so communicated at that time, be that Catl or BYD remedies an exclusive team for the construction of the batteries for Apple Car.

Due to the high investment, the tensions between the US and China and the difficulty of forming an exclusive team for Apple, the battery term with Catl and BYD were allegedly laid on ice. One is unable to fulfill the requirements of the company. Against this background, Apple should have extended his talks to Japanese battery manufacturers, including Teslas longtime partner Panasonic.

Apple has not yet made an official announcement about his car plans, all this must be sorted under “Wild Speculation” so far. According to the insiders, Apple use for his ICAR lithium iron phosphate batteries that are cheaper, because they use iron instead of the more expensive raw materials nickel and cobalt. Finally, it was said at the end of last year, the ICAR should be equipped with autonomous driving functions and go into production from 2024. It is unclear whether the car for sharing or. Ridehailing services is intended to be or go to the sale.

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  1. I really know before this:
    “Exclusive team for the construction of the batteries”

    that already has already made one and there are the new batteries soon.

    Has Apple possibly. the potential of the new batteries recognized and swivel in advance?

    It remains exciting


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