Apple showed interest in Canoo e-platform – takeover under discussion

Apple showed interest in Canoo e-platform - takeover under discussion-showed

The plans for Apple’s own electric car are becoming more and more concrete. In addition to the increasingly credible rumors about a partnership with Hyundai, Canoo is now also coming into focus. Canoo is a fast-growing California electric car company that has developed a particularly flat and modular skateboard platform. And it was on this platform that Apple expressed interest. As well as a takeover of the entire start-up.

In the first half of 2020, Apple met with representatives of the Californian startup to discuss a collaboration. According to informants of the online magazine The Verge, the two companies discussed options ranging from investment deals to a takeover. The company’s e-platform was particularly interesting for Apple. Because this offers more space for electronics compared to the platforms of the competition. The start-up’s skateboard architecture houses all the important components of an electric car. Canoo developed the electric drive and battery systems for the platform itself.

All of Canoo’s vehicle types share the same skateboard, but use different cabs and superstructures that can be combined with each other to create unique vehicles. This highly modular approach should enable particularly efficient large-scale production. With the platform, Canoo wants to be able to realize vehicles for different market and consumer segments at a reduced cost and particularly quickly since the majority of the R&D and crash tests are based on the skateboard. An approach that also convinces Apple. An official statement from the two companies is still pending.

In February last year, around the same time as the talks between Apple and Canoo that have now become known, Hyundai and Canoo announced that they would jointly develop an electric vehicle. This agreement is said to have been made independently of the talks with Apple. A specific schedule for the vehicles from the Hyundai-KIA-Canoo cooperation was not mentioned at the time.

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