Aptera E-Auto Luna with 1.600 km range – status update

Aptera E-Auto Luna with 1.600 km range - status update-luna

More than twice as much reach such as the Tesla Model S “Long Range” promises the aptera electric car Luna, with the same battery size mind you. Responsible for this is the efficient in-wheel drive, which ensures maximized aerodynamics of the electric car. 1.608 km reach, as well as another 65 km range due to built solar panels bring the aptera e-car with themselves. From pricing of 25.900 US dollars. By contrast, it is fully equipped to 48.300 US dollars.

For 100 US Dollars Reservation Fee (repayable) the aptera can be ordered. Up to 600.000 units per year can be sold to the potential market. Currently, however, one calculates first with 10.000 units from 2022. So far above 10.000 Pre-orders worth around 350 million US dollars (last 7.000 Pre-orders in February 2021), as the start-up on his investor website reports.

In addition to the energy from its own battery, the electric car relies on the power of the sun, called “Never Charge Solar Machine” by Aptera. Reminds of the approach to the Sion of Sono Motors. The range, which has become out of the power of the sun, is based on the start-up on the 65 km on especially sunny days. At the last update of aptera, 72 kilometers reached the discussion.

Recently, the company has given understood that in the last month, astonishing progress has been made in the development of the three-wheeled solar electric vehicle of aptera. Meanwhile, Alpha development is completed and now have three solar electric vehicles in alpha status. The so-called Alpha series serve to validate design and technology. And the customers give a better idea of how the final production vehicles will look like. Aptera offers three standard exterior variants, Noir (black), Sol (white) and Luna (silver), as shown above, as well as three standard interior equipment variants: Vida, Coast and Codex.

Currently, on the basis of the findings of the alpha tests, one’s own beta vehicles. From these wool you want to bring six to twelve units on the street. These beta vehicles are critical to the acceleration of production start and serve to integrate production parts into the first production vehicles. The beta vehicles are minimally larger than the current alpha strainer. However, this does not have a negative impact on the air resistance. As part of the alpha tests, aptera supported support from the inenieur team of Roush. These should support in the development of components in automotive quality for suspension, door system and window mechanisms.

In addition to improving the aerodynamics with slimmer upper and lower crossbars on the front suspension, you have also optimized the cable guide of the wheel motors. In addition, the wheel covers of the betas are to be provided with an inner panel that brings the entire assembly with the engine, which minimizes the wobbly while driving. “In addition, we have changed the rear suspension from a single-arm swing to a double joint suspension, which offers us a significantly improved performance,” says Aptera in a corresponding message.

Also, they have progressed in the field of solar integration on the vehicle. Currently one work on the development of highly efficient solar panels that withstand the ambient conditions of a solar vehicle while at the same time have minimal power losses during conversion. “We develop our solar modules so that they are upgradeable and keep at least ten years. Our solar modules have already undergone hailing tests, durability tests and electroluminescent tests so that we can offer the best possible solar electric vehicle. As solar technology improves over the years, aptera owners have the opportunity to upgrade their solar modules to achieve a larger solar range.”

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8 thoughts on “Aptera E-Auto Luna with 1.600 km range – status update”

  1. An electric car with the width of a truck, The place for only 2 people and some luggage offers. Should that be the future? – maybe in the US and other countries with plenty of space on the streets.

    The range is overestimatedly overestimated. The professional commuters will charge BEV in the future in the future and comes with small battery 150 km, if he does not use the public transport anyway.

    The aptera is likely to be a toy For people who already have a thick SUV in the garage or in front of the house, like many other people, and now need something they can still notice.
  2. There is also one with a smaller battery with meaningful range? Who drives 1.600km in a piece? A half as big battery would also do it and save resources.

    Otherwise, the aerodynamic design is naturally useful for a long-distance vehicle.


  3. In a CW value of 0.13 and a weight of less than 750 kg, the aptera has only half a power consumption such as a normal car.About 7-9 kWh per 100 km. There is also him with 400, 600 or 1000 km reach. So equipped with the solar cells, a reasonable vehicle.

  4. Let’s hope that we can buy and drive aptera in Germany sometime. In a country with 60 million rather antiquated and backward-shaped motor vehicles with too much weight. What a waste of operating energy. Since we like to push the Americans the thumbs up, they make it much better

  5. Efficient lightweight electric vehicles can be quite three-wheeled. The upcoming Twike 5 also promises very great values. And interesting, the German Twike 4 and the American aptera were already facing the X-Prize in the USA 2010 and come to the market at the same time. However, the three-wheel twike 5 will not be the mass wide, rather very slim, since 2 wheels rear, 1 wheel front.

  6. I always just do not understand why every newly developed product must always be made badly.

    No The aptera is not as wide as a truck. No idea how to come to such an idea. Probably the car is changed before it comes on the market also further. After all, it is a prototype.

    And as big as in the comments is criticized the battery is not.
    Tesla size = about 60kWh, which although it appears in comparison but in many cars is installed.

    The range is still the biggest criticism at electric cars, this will not matter in the future anymore. So it’s good if it is the option to select a battery from several to select with the 1600km rides are possible.
    This is especially true if you have no charging option at home!!!
    And a battery that never has to be driven completely empty has a significantly increased life cycle !
    -> That would also be for the environmental balance of advantage because a battery can then last longer than 10 years, if not more than 20.
    And should one have only 80% of the capacity after 10 years, this is still more than 1000km. You would not have to exchange the battery yet.

    With the Solar Modules is even if they would only allow 30 km per day (current stand 65km) no additional charging on a wall box for most people needed.

    And who drives on vacation can have to do this with 1600km range without problem and without reloading.
    If you leave the car then you are at enough sun for free back at home when the holiday is over.

    This toy as it is mentioned here if it comes to the market as described an absolute game chance !
    No other electric car and no gasoline can keep up. Both in terms of mobility and the environmental character. Finally, the aptera burdens at an average citizen, since you do not have to load extra but environmentally friendly with the sun, neither the power grid nor the nature.

    If aptera it creates this car to bring to the market should be clear to anyone that no gasoline or diesel vehicle could still keep up.

    Everything else would be just naive. Range and entertainment costs are now in relation to mobility the two main points.
    And most vehicles are today especially at the CW value unfortunately still too inefficient. We could already save much CO2 if more manufacturers had taken the same path.

    It is only to be seen if you can also implement the car as described here.

    I’m fearing it until it goes into series still a few smears made.

    Presumably, some lobbyists of the automotive industry have been pronounced here … I just can not explain that to me.


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