AR app makes you want for Ford’s new e-pick-up F-150 Lightning

AR app makes you want for Ford's new e-pick-up F-150 Lightning-makes

In view of more than 160.000 Pre-orders for the electric full-range pick-up F-150 Lightning (2022) has launched Ford in cooperation with Google the Augmented Reality App called “F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere”. 3D animations are intended to pretite, buyers and even so far without undecided the key elements of the fully electric pick-up.

For significantly more than 40 years, the Ford F-150 is the best-selling car of the USA. The fact that the extremely popular pick-up continues to go over time shows the middle of the year presented electro variant “F-150 Lightning”, which is to come 2022 on the market – with fully comprehensive connectivity, two E-engines and a total performance from 563 hp. No other F-150 has been stronger … and the rush is great: Already now Ford has already recorded in 160.000 Pre-orders.

In order to shorten the waiting time and to convince even more buyers of the full-range pick-up, the car maker in cooperation with Google now has an app launched: “F-150 Lightning” Strike Anywhere “. A 3D and Augmented Reality Experience should allow users to view and get to know a virtual F-150 Lightning truck in their own environment with a smartphone. 13 Interactive animations inform about the most important features, functions and services of F-150 Lightning, such as the “Mega Power Frunk” of the electric vehicle, the battery range, the connectivity in the interior, the intelligent speedies, practical charging solutions for on the go and at home as well as much more. As soon as users have familiarized with the possibilities of F-150 Lightning, they can even choose their favorite color and equipment and place the Augmented Reality Truck anywhere in their surroundings.

AR app makes you want for Ford's new e-pick-up F-150 Lightning-fordford

The app was published on Tuesday morning for Android and Apple devices as well as on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. The AR application, which is supported by Google Cloud, offers people detailed ways to get to know the electric pick-up before their market launch in spring 2022 from close proximity. “We are proud to work with Ford to bring this innovative experience to life,” said Thomais Zaremba, Industry Director, Automotive, Google. “Ford wants to pick up his customers where they are – and that’s increasingly online. This campaign awakens F-150 Lightning to a new way to live and serves as a natural expansion of our broader cooperation to transform the business of Ford and create new customer experiences.”

Surveys from Google and Ipsos, an international market research company, had shown in advance that 58 percent of US car buyers who want to acquire a new vehicle in the next six months, consider buying or leasing a hybrid or electric vehicle. 83 percent would spend the research up to three months before buying. The “F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere” campaign is intended to offer this potential customer a comprehensive, informative experience for the new F-150 Lightning. As the electrical revolution throughout the industry progresses faster, Ford persecutes a proactive approach to supporting the buyers on the way to buying their first battery electrical vehicle. Apparently, F-150 Lightning for Ford is also a door opener to new customer groups: A recent survey among the model’s reserves have shown that almost 80 percent have never had a battery-electric vehicle, while more than half have never bought a Ford.

“There is a tremendous interest in the possibilities of electric vehicles,” said Suzy Deering, Chief Marketing Officer of the Ford Motor Company. And further: “At Ford we do not just want to tell, but also show, because we believe that the clarifies of customers about the full potential and the capabilities of electric vehicles helps them to create the transition from traditionally powered vehicles to pure electric vehicles (…).”

The new, free AR app “F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere” is now available for Android and iOS mobile devices so far only available in the United States. You can still look in this link!

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3 thoughts on “AR app makes you want for Ford’s new e-pick-up F-150 Lightning”

  1. While both the F150 Lightning and MUSTANG MACH-E in the EU are likely to achieve negligible e-market shares (become), from 2022, the e-transit IMO could achieve significantly better sales successes (by the way also as an e-motorhome basis) :

    https: // newspaper.DE / Ford-E-Transit-2021 Price Range-199194.HTML?Image = 2

    In the actual E-car range, however, it looks like a real dark editor:
    Only for 2024/25 Ford has the already almost as outdated VW flat-definite MEB »Overrising” and a separate platform does not seem to be in sight .. &# 128577;

  2. Beautiful thing, the app. The car is a bomb! Very smart because he represents electromobility as a productivity advantage. The Extended Version with probably 180 kWh brings the electromobility into new dimensions. Ford is known to become the market leader in the pick-ups and manages to sell 1 million copies in good years. In a few years, the purely electrical. And where is Tesla? Nowhere! And that’s a good thing, because her silly children’s car would have no chance against the market leader.

  3. The F150 may be survival for Ford USA. For Europe, the abex of a timely product range in the C segment is a bare catastrophe. Good night for Ford Europe!


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