Aral is equipping 120 petrol stations with 350 kW ultra-fast chargers

Aral is equipping 120 petrol stations with 350 kW ultra-fast chargers-equipping

Ultra-fast chargers with up to 350 kilowatts make charging as quick as filling up: Aral, a market leader in the German petrol station business, is expanding its network of ultra-fast e-charging stations under the new name “Aral pulse” much faster than planned. By the end of the year, a good 500 charging points with a charging capacity of up to 350 kilowatts should be in operation at more than 120 Aral petrol stations. “Our e-offer is picking up speed. We will increase the number of our charging points fivefold this year,” reports Aral CEO Patrick Wendeler. “In view of the increasing demand for electric cars, the time is ripe to accelerate the expansion of the charging infrastructure.”

Aral is also now combining all activities in the field of e-mobility under the new name Aral pulse. The introduction of a new brand underlines the importance of electric car charging for Aral’s future business, as Wendeler explains: “We want to offer our customers with electric cars the fastest and best network of ultra-fast charging stations in Germany in terms of their high demands”. Combined with other services at the petrol stations, such as small supermarkets and cafe offers, the brand wants to ensure “an all-round successful customer experience”.

The Aral pulse brand stands for the company’s commitment to help shape and promote electrification in transport. With simple, mature and reliable technology, Aral wants to make life easier for e-car drivers – with less worry about charging and more fun driving. The heart of the new Aral pulse logo is a moving electron. The charging stations also have this new design and thus stand out visually from conventional filling stations. Already installed fast chargers will be redesigned to the new appearance in the next few weeks. For fleet customers, Aral is also developing integrated solutions for commercial e-mobility with the Aral Fuel & Charge card, from access to the public charging network to setting up your own charging infrastructure and a modern app.

Aral is equipping 120 petrol stations with 350 kW ultra-fast chargers-petrolAral

By the end of February, the company will have operated around 100 charging points at 25 filling stations on its own. They supply 100 percent green electricity and, depending on the location, have a charging capacity of up to 300 or 350 kilowatts. Provided that the battery technology is appropriate, the vehicle can be charged with electricity for a range of up to 350 kilometers within ten minutes. That corresponds to a non-stop drive from Bochum to Hamburg. Charging is about as quick as filling up at the pump.

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2 thoughts on “Aral is equipping 120 petrol stations with 350 kW ultra-fast chargers”

  1. another company that has recognized it…

    you will probably also know that otherwise business will be lost…

    but future-oriented is different…

    350KW column is yesterday… if there are two charging it gets tight ^^
    what will the charging capacity look like in 2 years…more will certainly be needed to get the 5 minute charge..

    The gas station of tomorrow looks different…with lots of parking spaces…free WiFi and…and…and…

    well… the trend is right…

    it remains exciting

  2. Neumes wrote and.a.:

    “Tomorrow’s gas station will look different… with lots of parking spaces… free WiFi and… and… and… well… the trend is right…”

    nope. 😛 — and I say this after >seven years of driving an e-car:

    Apart from “long-distance routes, possibly. with coffee/snack break« is the store in theOld man gas station style“IME absolutely unattractive!

    Sorry, but “Petrolhead’s old “Combustion car windshield perspectiveis (at least in the future!) kind of dead … instead, everyone who is really interested in cheap charging should do this (financially cheap, battery-friendly!) Charging at work or. in the immediate living environment demand 1) and promote 2)!

    1. through municipal) political initiative or.
    2. through personal/possibly. financial commitment, e.g.B. through own charging connections also gg. initial resistance from landlords etc.

    Furthermore, throughout urban area and its surroundings but that Loading at a POI (Point of Interest –> such as.B. wholesale markets of all kinds) far more interesting, than personal free time – as suggested in the photo – in such an uncomfortable place and then possibly at “dissuasive prices” to “fritter away”!


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