Aral launches Plug & Charge to ultra-fast loaders

Aral launches Plug & Charge to ultra-fast loaders-ultra-fast

The gas station operator Aral wants the plug until the end of the year&Introduce charge functionality to its ultrafast charging columns. Direct and encrypted communication between vehicle and charging column makes fully automatic and secure charging operations without apps and charging cards. Aral has successfully tested the technology in recent days with leading automobile manufacturers and their e-mobility partners at the charging station in Murr near Stuttgart, so the company in a recent communication.

Plow&Charge is an automatic and secure authentication technology between electric car and charging station according to the ISO 15118 standard. E-car driver can thus plug the charging cable without the use of apps, loading cards or QR codes, recharge and move away. The entire charging process, from authentication to the start of current flow to billing, happens fast, safe and automatic.

The data is transmitted by encrypted communication and are accordingly protected from data misuse. The technology also also provides the basis for future applications that are crucial for electromobility, such as intelligent and wireless loading or stabilizing energy networks.

“We would like to offer e-motorists with our offer under the Aral Pulse brand the fastest, simplest and safest shop network. With the introduction of the new service plug&Charge by the end of the year at all our charging columns, we make a big step together with our partners in the electrical future.”- Alexander boy, Aral board for e-mobility.

“Alpitronic is able to better assess and implement the implementation of standards and market trends from a technological point of view with our partners,” explains Philipp Senoner, CEO of Alpitronic GmbH. He refers to Plug&Charge as another important milestone for the acceptance of e-mobility from the point of view of the end customer. “Plug&Charge does the payment process directly with the adhesion of the charging cable. Thus, the customer’s convenience of charging is raised to a new level and shows one of the many advantages of electromobility “, supplements Maximilian Huber, Chief Operating Officer of the Has · To · Be GmbH.

Aral builds more and more of its petrol stations ultra-fast charging columns with up to 350 kilowatt charging power. In addition, cooperation with Volkswagen is planned to further accelerate the expansion of charging stations to Aral petrol stations in Germany and BP petrol stations in other European countries.

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5 thoughts on “Aral launches Plug & Charge to ultra-fast loaders”

  1. 1+ Aral, keep it up.
    Only those who offer the necessary charging infrastructure should have a say in the BEV market. Extraction boarding OEMs, which are not effective by the need to expand the charging infrastructure, we do not need.
    Plug and Charge is an absolutely needs to load.
    Loading needs to be uncomplicated than refueling, see Tesla as a premium example.
    Please also think of a fair pricing with green stream!

  2. The data is transmitted by encrypted communication and are accordingly protected from data misuse.

    As long as 9 out of 10 companies continue to be affected by cybercrime attacks, a naive acceptance is that!

  3. Currently it can only be the Tacy and Mustang? And the rest of the VW hopefully soon?
    That should actually be on the list of must-haves for new vehicles at the top.

  4. Finally, was also time. This will also end this misery card, App Wirrwarr. Now still clear the tariff civil and the electromobility has arrived in today in today.

  5. I was recently only with my benzoauto on an Aral gas station and have seen there e-charging columns. I came curious about I went to see what the store costs so.
    When I saw the price, it stood for me that the next car is powered by LPG and no electric car will be!
    Reason: Aral demands 79 CT / KWh. This can only be described as “usury”!!!
    Since I can not afford a home (normal tenant in a block of flat) is unfortunately not possible at home. Over the range and price of electric cars has already been discussed often enough. The bottom line is not only the most affected variant with regard to “tank costs” in the case of conventionally driven cars, even in the air pollutant emissions as diesel and gasoline.


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