Aral tests charging columns to REWE supermarkets

Aral tests charging columns to REWE supermarkets-tests

The gas station operator ARAL is tested in addition to its growing e-mobility offer of gas stations and for fleet customers also loading to REWE supermarkets. A few weeks ago, Aral has already commissioned the first charging columns at REWE in Ingolstadt in FaustStrabe 3. At the end of May episode a second test site at a REWE market in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim, as Aral says.

In the parking lot each comes with a 50 kilowatt fast loading column with CCS and Chademo connection as well as a normallades column with two charging points with 22 kilowatt charging power. The charging pillars are operated by Aral under the “Aral Pulse” brand and are not only available to Rewe customers during purchasing, but also other drivers of electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Charging on REWE parking spaces is slightly cheaper than on the ultra-fast charging columns on the Aral petrol stations, where 69 cents per kWh are due. The price of the ad hoc shop is located on the AC Normalladesamule at 45 cents per kilowatt hour, at the 50KW DC column is the kWh price with 55 cents slightly higher.

“We want to test at the two REWE locations, as our loading offer is adopted and whether a business model for us can be. Most electric car drivers store at home, at work and ultra-fast load columns. Aral Pulse at REWE could be a meaningful supplement, for example for residents who have no way to load their vehicle at home.”- Patrick Wendeler, CEO Aral

Aral is currently building its ultra-fast charging network on corporate petrol stations massively. By the end of the year, 500 charging points with up to 350 kilowatt charging power should be in operation at more than 120 stations. Already for years, Aral and REWE work together in shop business and have already changed over 600 gas station shops on REWE TO GO.

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3 thoughts on “Aral tests charging columns to REWE supermarkets”

  1. Good that something does, but for lantern loaders 45 CT AC are already a bit deterrent. A weak consolation at these prices is that the columns are not blocked by PHEVs and “at home loaders”

  2. Again a proof that the e-mobility is made by a pricing policy of deterrence kapput ! Everyone who can expect, will try to avoid these charging columns ! Unless the employer pays the collection or he can remove it as operating costs and thus involve the general public.
    With an average power consumption at 100 km from 20 kWh, one pays at Aral in the DC charging process 11, – Euro ! Who should inspire for the e-mobility ! In particular, the “sustainable” electric furniture with “small” vehicles who have to reload more often will ask why these pricing policy is politically accepted (s.a. Ionity). Go`s yet ???


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