Arcimoto & Redivivus Start Battery Recycling Partnership

Arcimoto & Redivivus Start Battery Recycling Partnership-start

Arcimoto, a manufacturer of affordable, practical and fun electric vehicles from the USA, has started a battery recycling program with redivative. The two companies thus want to contribute to solving the challenges of the recycling of lithium-ion batteries through innovations in logistics, battery assembly and cost-effective recovery of materials in cells and battery modules.

“Arcimoto is committed to be a leader in the transport industry in terms of sustainability,” says Mark Frohnmayer, founder and CEO of Arcimoto, which is previously active in four US states: California, Oregon and Washington on the west coast and in Florida on the east coast. The partnership with redivative have several useful advantages, such as lower CO2 emissions, a lower need for new battery materials obtained from mining and a higher purity of the recovered materials.

Arcimoto & Redivivus Start Battery Recycling Partnership-partnershipArcimoto

Redivivus, according to a current communication, offer a complete solution for processing the batteries from Arcimoto production facilities as well as service and distribution centers based on his “redi-shred” procedure and designed to safely dispose of battery waste in a self-contained environment and to neutralize. The neutralized materials are then transported to a redivic-designed recycled line, which reduces dangerous goods logistics and costs.

From there, the materials mentioned in a “redi-cycle” method are converted into secondary materials with high purity by taking a hybrid solution from hydrometallurgical and electrochemical recycling. Redi-Cycle aims to be more environmentally friendly and less expensive compared to other battery recycling technologies.

“The Redivivus Partnership with Arcimoto consolidates the relationship between our founders and the battery industry. It’s nice to design and build not only industry-leading batteries, but also offer an end-of-life solution, “says Erika Guerrero, founder and CEO of Redivivus

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  1. Battery recycling is good and should be self-evident.
    It would be interesting for me how many of these tricycles are sold per month.

  2. Some never learn it – with 3 wheels, the vehicle is unstable and it takes more roadworthiness.

    Even at the Microlino, which already has 4 wheels, the rear wheels against the 1.Version further apart because of driving stability, a light vehicle with 4 wheels can be narrower.


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