Ari Motors E-vehicle with solar integration of Sono Motors

Ari Motors E-vehicle with solar integration of Sono Motors-solar

In order to optimally use the solar integration of the Solar Electric Car Sion of the Munich Start-Ups Sono Motors, the vehicle should be parked in the sun as we could learn in mid-September 2020. This seems to be the case at ARI Motors, because together with Sono Motors, their photovoltaic technology has their photovoltaic technology on the so-called “ARI 458 suitcase construction, L”, an electric vehicle vehicle, which for the carriage on the last mile and in cities, parks , Industrial areas or airports designed, installed.

In total, five photovoltaic modules (PV modules) made of ultra-thin, chemically cured front glass were mounted on the E-lightweight vehicle. These provide with peak power up to 450 watts energy for the supply of the electrical vans. Translated in practice, this means that the vehicle receives an additional range of an average of 20 km per day in normal weather conditions in Munich. Should optimal weather conditions available in the summer months even up to 48 km.

“Sono Solar – The B2B division of Sono Motors – is a one-stop shop for vehicle integrated photovoltaic solutions. Our goal is to make every vehicle a solar vehicle. The INTERSOLAR Fair is the perfect platform to present our own technologies and services. We are very pleased that we can imagine existing partnerships and prototypes, such as the ARI Elektro-Kleintransporter,.”- Mathieu Bauddrit, Group Lead Sono Solar at Sono Motors

Sono Motors offers both vehicle integrated photovoltaics (VIPV) as well as vehicle-facing photovoltaics (VAPV) solutions for different means of transport. VIPV is a method in which the solar energy generation is integrated into the body of a vehicle. The PV modules are integrated into parts of the vehicle, Z. B. in the side walls, body parts and windows.

In the case of the Ari Motor Prototypes, PV technology sets up on an existing vehicle. Therefore, one decided for the VAPV method which applies solar energy generation to existing elements of the vehicle. The five PV modules with 54 solar cells and 90 half-cells are mounted on the roof and on the sides of the electric vans. All integration is designed for high efficiency. To achieve this, the Munich start-up has designed tailor-made PV modules, as well as the mechanical and electrical integration with his engineer: interior team in Munich. The maintenance of the components remains in their hands.

“The solar integration of Sono Motors fits perfectly with our lightweight vehicle box. It allows us to reduce the dependence of the vehicle from the charging infrastructure, increase its range and reduce costs. We look forward to the future cooperation with Sono Motors to make our vehicles even more sustainable.”- Thomas Kuwatsch, CFO of Ari Motors

In addition to the joint protope with Ari Motors, Sono Motors also announced that a letter of intent to cooperate with Wallaby Boats GmbH. PV systems are to be installed on the boat model “Wallaby 18”. With this model, the commercial boat manufacturer transports staff and material for offshore wind farms.

“The values of the company in relation to the reduction of fuel consumption and the promotion of more environmentally friendly commercial boats fit excellently to the first maritime OEM project of Sono Motors,” says Baudrit. PV modules are installed that the ship with a capacity of up to 5.200 WP supply. “This cooperation drives Sono Motors’s goal to integrate solar into each vehicle, continue ahead. It is a clear evidence for the diverse application possibilities of the company’s own solar technology, “continues Baudrit.

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  1. I do not know if Ari has considered that well. It does not necessarily have to arrive positively if you stand with sonomotors in a business relationship. That you can put on the roof of a box carriage solar panels is not new. Whether it brings up to 48 km range, I would doubt heavily. But that too is not new. What Sono Motors promises and what they hold, there are worlds between …


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