Arrival invests in production for high voltage battery modules

Arrival invests in production for high voltage battery modules-arrival

The electric vehicle manufacturer Arrival from the United Kingdom is known to be based on so-called micro-factories to produce its own electric transporters. In addition to Europe, the company focuses on the United States. Far there is a mounting plant for high voltage battery modules (HVBM) in Charlottes West Side should be built. 150 jobs created and about $ 11.5 million in the US dollar.

With the work in Charlottes West Side one takes the third production site in operation, including the North American headquarters in South End and the Van Microfactory, which is also located in the West Side. Manufactured in the new production the own battery modules, which can be used in all platforms. How the Start-Up performs put the batteries on an in-house design, which inserts into the plug-and-play hardware and software architecture of Arrival. This gave scalability, upgradeability and easy repair and maintenance options. Arrival will be able to replace only one module instead of a whole package through its own battery approach, which saves both costs and downtime.

The battery modules manufactured in Charlotte are concretely used in the Arrival Bus and Van, which are produced in the nearby microfactories. The local HVBM system will be a key element of ARRIVAL‘s more comprehensive sustainability strategy – as it is on site and makes it easy to make upgradable components that can extend the life of the vehicle. The broader strategy also includes the goal of a waste-free production and the use of recyclable composite materials for the vehicle body, which are more durable than steel and not painted.

“By bringing the assembly of our company’s high voltage battery modules into the house, we strive for the highest possible vertical integration. This makes us even better control over the functionality and the cost of our products and can pass on these cost savings to the customer while working to our goal of a waste-free production at the same time.”- Mike Ableson, CEO of Arrival Automotive

Governor Roy Cooper is pleased with the branch of Arrival: “North Carolina is a leader in the development and securing of our clean energy future, and we are pleased that Arrival Automotive expands its operation for electric vehicles in Charlotte. Our highly skilled workforce and the booming industry for clean energy will help the company achieve the goal of making electric vehicles for all affordable and accessible.”In addition, the company will work with City Charlotte to achieve the goals of the Strategic Energy Action Plan (SEAP), which outlines strategies for clean energy with the focus on traffic, building, energy generation and equitable development of workers. Arrival is convinced that its transformative approach can offer cities the solutions they need to create sustainable urban environments and exceptional experiences for their citizens.

“We are excited that Arrival brings other jobs and investments in Charlottes West Side,” said mayor VI Lyles. “This announcement continues to build on our work partnership and I am looking forward to achieving permanent results in our common goal of creating a greener city.”

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