Arrival with the electric car, with the bike on site: Polestar offers exciting combination-e-bikes

Together with Polestar, the e-motorcycling engineer Cake built a special e-moped that is supposed to convince in combination with the polestar. You can find out how this should work here, you can take a first look at the vehicle in the video.

For Volvo offshoot Polestar, the polestar edition of the Cake Makka is already the second cooperation with the electric motorcycle specialist Cake. A three -wheel cargo roller named Re: Move was previously launched. At the IAA Mobility, Polestar is now presenting another e-scooter. In addition to some modifications such as an LED headlight, Ohlins dampers on the rear wheel and a special coloring in black and white, the scooter can be transported on a special rear carrier for the trailer coupling of the polestar e-car. The small speedster can be connected to the electric network of the electric car via a cable connection and conveniently charging while driving. This means that the e-scooter, which can almost be described as a small motorcycle, can be used for the final route, as a transport solution or the sightseeing.

The Cake Makka should even be able to regain energy

From the manufacturer Cake, the Makka is in two versions with 25 or. 45 km/h top speed offered. In the Polestar edition, however, only the faster version is available. On the IAA, a type sign showed the technical data of the e-scooter. The Makka is driven by a 3.6 kW hub motor on the rear wheel, the torque is 60 nm. The range in city operations is given as 50 kilometers. A 1.5 kWh of battery, which is removable for the shop. An electronic brake system (EBS) that is supposed to regain energy when braking ensures sufficient delay with disc brakes. How exactly this works is not yet known. The scooter will soon be via the "Polestar Additional Webshop" for 4.Offered 000 euros. The costs for the rear carrier have not yet been published, as well as whether there will be accessories or additions such as child seats, second saddle or luggage rack.

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Electric motorcycles slowly but surely come out of the exotic niche, even if hard-boiled biker fans of combustion mopeds still have many prejudices against the silent two-wheelers. The current models show that this view is now out of date.

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