As it is EasyMiles Autonomous Electric Shuttle EZ10

As it is EasyMiles Autonomous Electric Shuttle EZ10-autonomous

Together with EasyMile, the Munich start-up Sono Motors works on an autonomous shuttle, the EZ10. The Munich’s project ensures that solar panels attached to the body to increase the range of the self-propelled vehicle, as is already the case with the Solar-Electroauto Sono Sion. In a current blog post Sono Motors gives an overview of the state of development of the EZ10.

The fully electric People Mover solution EZ10 is intended to complement the public transport or reduce the traffic on factory and private land as business parks. With the driverless service, EasyMile gaps want to close on the so-called first and last mile, for example, to bring employees to a company on the last way piece, quickly and weatherproof from a subway station to the location.

The shuttles are perfect for the integration of solar cells for many reasons, it says in the blog post. With solar panels, the range and thus the operating time can be extended to a particularly ecologically sustainable manner. The vehicle is less dependent on the existing charging infrastructure and you can shorten the loading intervals.

EasyMile is assumed to install with the available area on the roof and partly the sides of an EZ10 shuttle solar cells with a total output of about 1 to 1.5 kWp. Estimated 3 to 5 kWh energy per day could thus be generated. However, these are not yet any resilient statements, since only in the nearby prototype phase will show how high energy sales is really. Start this year EasyMile with test drives.

EasyMile has already envisaged some concrete goals for the commercial use of the EZ10. For example, countries like Norway, in which there are many professionals, where the demand for system-critical occupations such as bus or truck drivers is very high. Several industry associations and potential customers therefore report that they have problems to occupy open places or that due to lack of economic efficiency, bus trails, especially in the country, can no longer be operated. These gaps could close the EZ10.

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  1. The vehicle has a lot of glass surfaces, there will not just build enough panels or the like, but that’s probably the challenge.


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