As of today, the new fine of fine applies: you must now consider this now

Attention, drivers!

The new fine catalog applies from today: you must now consider this now

As of today, the new fine of fine applies: you must now consider this now-consider

Site/Wochit 55 instead of 15 euros for the nodule – the new catalog of fines has it all

In the night of 9. November the new fine catalog applies in Germany. The new rules should ensure more security in cycling and foot traffic. Anyone who is caught by offenses must pay significantly higher fines. It is particularly hard a lot of false parkers.

If drivers block bicycle or sidewalks in an unauthorized manner, it will come more expensive in the future than before. For parking, as well as for the unauthorized parking of the vehicle on protective strips or in the second row, fines of up to 110 euros are due – so far it was 15 euros.

If you are unjustifiably placing your car on a severely disabled car park, you will have to pay 55 euros in the future instead of 35. The fine is just as high for unauthorized parking in places that are specially reserved for electric cars or car sharing vehicles. So far it has been 15 euros.

According to the Ministry of Transport, there is an increase in fine in the case of parking violations in fire brigade accesses or with the disabilities of emergency vehicles to up to 100 euros. This also applies if drivers "short" Block a fire brigade access.

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Parked wrongly too often? That costs points in Flensburg

In the event of severe violations, points are also entered in Flensburg. This is the case, for example, if, by the prohibited parking or holding in the second row and on bicycle strips or parking on walking and bike paths, other road users are hindered or endangered.

Even if there is damage to property due to an incorrectly parked car, a point in Flensburg threatens. If you park your vehicle for more than an hour on the walk or bike path, you also get an entry.

Driving ban on blocked rescue alley

Make room, save life! If you therefore use the emergency lane that is actually used for emergency services or does not form an emergency lane, you have to expect fines between 200 and 320 euros and also get a month of driving ban.

The background to this is that in the past there have always been cases in which the helpers lost valuable time for accidents because drivers blocked the emergency lane.

  • Download: New Fee catalog (PDF) for download on our partner page

Driven too fast? That makes up a higher fine

In the original version for the change in the catalog of fines, the enforcement of which was suspended due to a formal error in the past year, driving bans were also provided from a speed crossing of 21 km/h/h/h. These do not exist now – instead the fines are increased.

In the future, cars will apply to cars in the future:

  • In the case of speed exceeding from 21 km/h to 25 km/h, a fine of 115 euros follows. So far it was 80 euros.
  • At 16 to 20 km/h it is 70 instead of 35 euros.
  • In the case of speed overlaps between 11 to 15 km/h, 50 instead of 25 euros and
  • at up to 10 km/h 30 euros instead of 15.

In addition, the fines are increased from 7 to 25 km/h from 70 to 100 euros. At 16 to 20 km/h too much on the speedometer it is 60 instead of 30 euros.

If you travel too quickly at up to 15 km/h or up to 10 km/h, you have to expect fines of 40 or 20 euros, so far it is 20 and 10 euros.

Not react! Detailers demand 274 euros – and that’s not all

As of today, the new fine of fine applies: you must now consider this now-fine

glomex Not react! Detailers demand 274 euros – and that’s not all

Fine, PayPal, Corona: What will change for you in November

As of today, the new fine of fine applies: you must now consider this now-this

Site Fine, PayPal, Corona: What will change for you in November

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