Associations: “Card reader duty delayed expansion of charging columns”


In a joint appeal, the industry associations VDA (Automobil), BDEW (Energy and Water Management) and Zvei (Electrical Engineering and Electrical Industie) criticize the renewed discussion about payment solutions for charging columns for E-cars. This turn to slow down the development of charging points and to increase the usage costs unnecessarily, it says. The three associations demand the Federal Government to capture at the already published plan with alternative payment methods and to drive the expansion of the charging infrastructure in Germany quickly and unbureaucratically.

The Federal Government is entirely up-to-billions in the hand in order to promote the expansion of e-mobility because of the climate protection goals. It give tax money for electric cars and charging stations. And that’s exactly there, the two major trends of e-mobility and digitization agree with each other. But now, so the allegation, plan the federal government a system that would return the expansion of the shop network for years and would be considerably easier.

Reason for the displeasure of the associations: The Federal Government wanted to prescribe a rigid payment system, it says. Specifically, this mean that a card reader must be attached to each charging column. This is the price and make the charging more expensive. Above all, delays of forced the further expansion of public charging stations. Many devices would only need to be tested and approved. This process will take years, fear VDA and Co.

The effort is immensely – for little use, it says in the appeal. It is no longer paid to the column today, but about 90 percent on direct contracts. Only the remaining 10 percent are “spontaneous”. This is also an important building block for e-mobility. Nevertheless, a card reader is not compulsory here. A smartphone finally has every E motorist.

Everywhere in Europe, digital payment systems continued, it continues to say. Card readers would therefore be drastically losing importance in the next few years. Ironically, where it should look like to the future, the Federal Government wants to keep outdated technology alive. They confess that the market and the state of the art have long been further than the policy.

In order to give the e-mobility additional boost, it is important that the Federal Government lasts at the already published plan with mobile payment methods, so the conclusion of the associations. A modern digital shop network does not need mandatory readers. The call closes with the appeal: “We wish ourselves in the spirit of all e-auto drivers: Make the way free for a digital, mobile and easy shop in Germany.”

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9 thoughts on “Associations: “Card reader duty delayed expansion of charging columns””

  1. If you can not load without contract (or only abnormally expensive), it is no wonder that 90% is paid via direct contracts (must). With passive earlyadopters you can do that, the mass market is covered by it. Charging card chaos is thank you.
    ApplePay, SamsungPay, GooglePays are in the end of digitized EC / credit cards with corresponding bank cooperations behind it. Therefore, they are also universal and not such a small staterio as with charging cards.

  2. Clear a map technique that works even in cigarette machines is now suddenly too expensive for much more complex charging columns ..
    And of course we all pay about charging cards and apps because there is nothing else!!!
    And what has the calibration right now???
    Of course, we are happy to pay more money for less electricity is logical ..

  3. Someone should explain the policies “Plug and Play” (computer technology, with e-cars as “plug in and load” freely translated) – Tesla shows yes the simple principle, but the bureaucrats have to make an elephant from a mosquito to their existence justify.

  4. What is so expensive on a card reader that it has a significant impact on the charging price? The type2 columns at bakers fuel at the Lade Park Cross Hilden are the proof that activation with the EC card can be practical and cost-effective. This also applies to the other Giro-e charging stations, Z.B. at the GLS Bank in Bochum.
    In addition, I admit that the few nerds, which deal intensively with electromobility, certainly will certainly come better with modern apps and the tariff jungle, as, for example, an average combustion driver, which has just switched to an electric car and just wants from A to B.
    If you want to achieve a mobility turn, but you need all people and not just the nerds.
    If I’m z.B. My mother in front of any charging column place, then the not immediately recognizes the provider and think “ah, that’s Innogy e-roaming and here I take my wings contract, but if it was fastned, then the contract is not going, then Then dear the EnBW card.”
    Something can not do that of the wide mass!

  5. We do not build no telephone cells anymore. Card payment / reader is a comparable outlet model.

    I have no problems with the EnBW card to 95%.

    And the remaining 5% are poorly maintained pillars, as a card reader will not help or the operator – mostly small urban workers- will simply shut down the pillar instead of being expensive to retrofit. This is also helped

  6. Do not have the columns already calmly? The columns have already randomly the card reading technology on the board? Each self-service home office has something like that even on each pillar and they are the cheapest. There should be expensive for charging columns??

  7. Card reader? I hope is not the obligation to magnetic stripe readers? but contactless numbers (means the VPAY?) – As in the supermarket etc. is possible.
    Has not every column already installed an NFC reader to read the charging cards? (also the roaming cards!)
    Is that then “only” still a software topic, also the debit card to the??

  8. As in many amder areas, our government is always very successful to remain in the spanking time.
    Digitization (not only in schools)
    Hold high tech in the country
    Charging cards prescribe ..
    Fire invent ..

  9. Hopefully the policy does not bend in front of the ladelobby. on I always tank the highway spontaneously. There, the payment works with the credit card via radio flawless. Annoying apps are not necessary.


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