Associations demand new edition of Wallbox promotion

Associations demand new edition of Wallbox promotion-associations

The attractive purchase bonuses for electric cars will be available 2022, which has already announced the new government. Now different associations also demand a further promotion of private wallboxes. These bonuses – after all up to 900 euros per wallbox – expired at the end of October 2021.

About the desire for a new edition of the promotional model supervised by the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW), among other things, the Association of the Automotive Industry VDA and the Federal Association of Consumer Centers VZBV agree. A rare unity between two organizations that often contribute thematically. In detail, however, is already concluded with unity: while VDA President Hildegard Muller preferred the previous model – the presence of an electric car as a conveying requirement was not required – VZBV board Klaus Muller now wants to promote the purchase or the presence make an electric car in the applying household to prevent taking effects. In addition, it should be examined to what extent it could come to a mandatory division of private charging stations with other E-Auto owners.

The Central Association of German Electrical and Information Technology Handwerke (ZVEH), on the other hand, sees such taking effects. It would hardly happen that someone privately installs a wallbox without not at least long-term to buy an electric car. The Confederation of taxpayers, on the other hand, sees electrospecific promotion generally critical. His President Reiner Wooden nail should be a technology-open promotion that is not only based on battery vehicles. However, he finds the infrastructure approach still better than justifying the purchase of the E-car directly, as is also planned for 2022.

The discussion about the wallbox promotion is only a relatively small building block in the required charging infrastructure in Germany, as VDA President Muller emphasizes. Every week about 2 should have.000 new charging points go into operation to realistically support the e-auto planning of the Federal Government. In fact, it’s just 300, so Muller, and that would be highly appreciated. The proportion of fast charging stations currently 15% is still far too low.

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3 thoughts on “Associations demand new edition of Wallbox promotion”

  1. The Wallbox promotion is absolutely necessary because BEV works only with sufficiently domestic wallboxes or enough quick loaders because other charging points in the public road room will never be there.
    The promotion should be bound to the possession of an electric car.
    Likewise, however, the promotion of the usuals of PHEVs should be bound to the detection of loading possibilities or a loading note to prevent abuse and temptation by exhaust gases.

  2. A drawback of the last promotion was already that quite stupid wallboxes were promoted. Very important for the power grid would be to promote wallboxes, which can also dine from the car to the net. The cars can thus be rented by the network operator as a power store.
    When a new edition comes, that should be the condition to be really future-proof. The whole topic was beautified by Mr. Altmaier nicely

  3. At the end of 2021, we decided at the short term for an e-car and the wall-box promotion was set to our disappointment at the same time. Since it is known that just under half of all owners of a sponsored Wall Box have no or no electric car, but they have served on the funding pot, one has the feeling that something unfair has run here here. Currently we invite to the normal household socket and hope for a new edition of KfW promotion. This should then definitely be the possession of an e-car, so that the money arrives at the e-auto buyers, which are already ready for a changeover.


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