Aston Martin expects higher sales with electric cars

Aston Martin expects higher sales with electric cars-expects

On the occasion of the presentation of the super sports car Valhalla – which will be available from 2023, among other things, as 699 kW (950 hp) strong plug-in hybrid – Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers has revealed some new information about the electrification strategy of the sporty Nobel brand. He also confirmed that the British wants to sell a first pure electric car from 2025: it should be a successor to the DB11.

The sports car manufacturer is just like the entire car industry to solve it from its dependence on pure internal combustion engines and to switch more and more first to gasoline-electric hybrid drives, starting with the hypersportwagen Valkyrie, which will appear in September. The hybrid with mid-engine comes to a total of 865 kW (1176 hp), of which 119 kW (160 hp) of the electric motor.

The Valhalla, which is going to sell 2023, should follow a plug-in hybrid version of the SUV DBX shortly after its appearance, while a planned entry-level super sports car should also hike as a plug-in part-time current in the portfolio. With the Vanquish Vision, Aston Martin already presented a concept vehicle as a small view of this model.

The current assortment of sports cars with front engine, including popular models such as Vantage and DB11, will be completely converted to fully electric models with the next generation, Moers said. “Succession of our traditional sports segment must undoubtedly be fully electrical,” he said according to Automotive News Europe. According to ASTON Martin CEO, the pure electricians of the brand should offer at least 600 kilometers from reach. His sporting electric coupes wants the brand to follow the first purely electrical SUV shortly thereafter.

As Aston Martin wants to lead its particularly high-performance models with center motor concept into the electrical future, however, is still unclear. According to Moers, therefore, the current sports port cart program will survive longer than originally planned.

Aston Martin can trust the expertise of Daimler in his electrification plans, after the German automotive group had agreed in the past year to pass on its technology in exchange for a participation of up to 20 percent to the British. The plug-in hybrid V-8 powertrain in Valhalla, for example, is supplied by the Mercedes Performance Mark AMG.

Moers promised that Although the Aston Martin will use Mercedes technology, which should be tailored to the specific requirements of Aston Martin. The transition to electric drives will not dilute the identity of the traditional brand, said the CEO. Also a purely electric Aston Martin is said to have those driving dynamics that the customers are used by the brand.

From the electrification, Aston Martin also hopes for a sales plus. Above all, the purely electrical SUV should drive up the sales figures. Currently, the British starts a good 6000 vehicles per year. In the future, it should be more than 10.Be 000.

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  1. “Of which 119 kW (160 hp) of the electric motor”
    May the starter now be used while driving?
    I suggest that from 1.1.2022 cars whose electric drive has less than 50% of system performance, a) no E-license plate, b) are referred to as “pseudoelectric”.


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