At 30: Tesla-Rad just tears off while driving

Tesla shock

At 30: Tesla-Rad just tears off while driving

At 30: Tesla-Rad just tears off while driving-tesla-rad
backfromspain At 30: Tesla tires just tear off while driving

The driver of a two -year -old Tesla Model 3 was amazed when the left tie rod head on the ball joint broke off while driving while driving. Only the response to Teslas caused even more amazement.

The company initially refused to take over the repair as a guarantee. The incident again raises questions about the quality and reliability of the US streams. It happened after a more than 500 kilometer trip on the highway. In the middle of city traffic it crashed into the tesla model 3 by Reddit user "Backfromspain" when the tie rod head at 30 kettle joint said goodbye. The steering blocked and nothing went – with a two -year -old car with just 40.000 kilometers on the speedometer that had just come from the inspection.You actually want to say a clear guarantee case. Not so for Tesla. The company described the part failure as "normal wear" and initially refused to take the invoice. "There was never a recall about this error," wrote the still shocked driver. “They say I have to handle that through my insurance. The vehicle never had an accident.“Only after a long back and forth the Californians gave in and accepted the guarantee of the guarantee.

Not the first incident of this kind

In the comments on the Reddit article, users complain about the same or similar material problems in their Teslas and report comparable quarrels when assuming costs. One called the broken tie rod head the "Sharp Independent Turning" feature (SHIT for short) and quite a few demand to report the incident of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA, the US Federal Agency for Road and Vehicle Safety.

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At 30: Tesla-Rad just tears off while driving-charging middle city This Audi Charging

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It is by no means the first time that a material failure on a Tesla would have brought the vehicle occupants and other road users into a serious danger. So Efahrer only reported in November about a sloppiness in which the windshield was not glued to the frame in a Tesla Model Y in a Tesla Model Y. In a video that has now been deleted, it could be seen how the disc could be easily lifted out of the frame in the freshly coming SUV. In another case, one of the rear cameras of a Tesla Model 3 had recorded how the entire rear of the electricity loosened from the car after it had driven through a normal puddle.

US consumer advocates are not very enthusiastic

All of this does not really seem to speak for the processing quality and quality control at Tesla, which also coincides with warnings of consumer advocates. The US consumer protection organization Consumer Report, for example, describes the products of the California car maker as "satisfactory, but not at all reliably" and has banished Tesla to the penultimate place in the reliability ranking. Consumer reports classifies Teslas electric cars-together with some E-SUVs from other manufacturers-than the most unreliable cars sold in the United States.

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At 30: Tesla-Rad just tears off while driving-tears

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17 thoughts on “At 30: Tesla-Rad just tears off while driving”

  1. Thereā€¦
    … I would like to know if the car was vaccinated!?;) About three months after mine … Vaccination, my completely down -driven spark plugs suddenly couldn’t be used and the car stopped! conicidence? I do not think so!

  2. Tesla’s battery studies
    comprises at least 3 different cell structures and chemia. If you do not know such simple information, of course you cannot draw the right conclusions. Was only presented in detail on the Battery Day. But now…

  3. Tesla marketing statements are not
    durable. Why does Tesla secure the raw materials for a very specific variant of batteries? Namely for those who have been installed so far and in the future. The variety that u.A. Burning spontaneously due to dendrite formation.

  4. Tesla, security and batteries regarding
    Quote from site at the beginning: As part of an extremely rare acceptance agreement with the Australian company Syrah Resources " Quote end. This means that batteries from other materials are not to be expected at least at Tesla in the future. It is actually clear, only a few e-disciples put in the room that something will change or. it would have changed something. None, exactly the batteries are further installed, the u.A. Burning unpredictably due to dendrite formation. Lithium ion docks on the graphitanode, following the laws of electrostatics until it pops. Also with this risk must live as a Teslaf driver. This is the real world.

  5. Tesla is just a car
    Whoever claims this only happens at Tesla does not live in reality. All manufacturers have similar problems and I have to agree to one or the other who talk about very one -sided reporting. I can sing a song about interesting excuses during the guarantee period, and not from Tesla. Anyone who has ever been to the USA must admit that service is more very important. It was only through the e-competition from America that the carmakers in this country turned the innovation and service screw. Actually we should be grateful. I’m not talking about the quality here, the Amy’s do nothing to us. I think we’ll hear a lot of Tesla. They are already more than a thorn in the side of other manufacturers.

  6. The American consumer protection organizations
    In your opinion, see the situation wrong? I can’t imagine that they usually like to put themselves protectively in front of American companies. There are many documented incidents that describe quality problems at Tesla, the article does not describe an exceptional situation. The service is only virtual, or rather imaginary. At least my expectation is different.

  7. Incredible Amy scrap !
    But not more, but not less, only that this extraordinary lousy quality can last because of a hype. The desperate attempts on an explanation are ridiculous and only show the hype as a whole. Tesla, a company that accidentally screwed an electric motor into a kind of car and now takes the money of his disciples. But Lehmann was also very popular with such people.

  8. False conclusions
    This is absolutely not a specific Tesla problem, because Tesla, like all other manufacturers, buys such parts from renowned suppliers. To over 99 %, this damage is the result of an impact, z. B driven sharply on a curb, big pothole etc. A small crack is formed that slowly increases and after days or weeks, even months, leads to a break. Incidentally, the break almost always happens when parking, i.e. almost standing vehicle, as the greatest forces work there. There is damage to the joint even if the rubber cuff has a hole. In this case there is wear, you should actually notice it and bring the vehicle to the workshop

  9. Teslas builds miracle cars …. certainly?
    The attempt to blame the driver in the shoes is already pathetic, desperate act. The deficits regarding. Quality at Tesla is generally known and have already been evaluated (see article). Instead of improving the goods receipt control and assembly, you roll it off on the customer. Fits the picture. The batteries are probably burning too … Because the customer did something exactly? Explanation?

  10. With my smart Brabus
    The passenger door went on by itself at 120km/h, my uncle who was sitting next to me was piled up . At first Smart didn’t want to do anything, only when I threatened with RA was improved.

  11. Incredible! scrap metal
    If something like this happens at 120km/h that means u. U. to trigger a serious traffic accident with dead and injured. The Federal Motor Transport Authority has to go. Withdraw the road traffic approval. Does that happen more often? Move out of circulation! I have already written that these highly acclaimed boxes of Tesla do not come across the way. Something like that would have been unthinkable at VW in my time. There would have been rolled heads.

  12. So that’s not true
    This always happens when parking, as you probably know from experience with mechanical steering, is the hardest, the greatest forces work. But I am almost certain that it is an accident consequence and the part was prejudiced. I have several years of experience with damage assessments. Tesla is not to blame, it happens at VW the same way

  13. Would certainly never happen to other manufacturers
    There are countless cases where people also have such problems with their Mercedes, BMW or Audi. You just have to look into the common car forums. But there would be no journalist to write an article. Could also be because the German car manufacturers in Germany spend over 2 billion euros for advertising every year and also receive benevolent articles. You just don’t bite your hand. I also had a similar damage to my VW. But I was unintentionally getting on a traffic island weeks earlier with my front wheel.

  14. @Pattern and the recalls all concerned
    Brakes and steering, as well as the same model? Recognize the difference? Above all, you don’t just let Mercedeskunden continue until it cracks. If an error could occur, it will be proactively remedied. Regarding the gap, if it is already born visibly, what does it look like in areas that are not visible? Such Murks was described in the article.


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