At Kia, “the focus is clearly on electric cars”

At Kia, “the focus is clearly on electric cars”-focus

Thomas Djuren, who has been the new boss of Kia Germany since July, spoke in detail about the future of the brand in an interview with Auto-Medienportal. “Our future strategy called Plan S is essentially based on two pillars: driving electromobility and expanding future mobility services,” says Djuren about the focus of the brand, which is about to reach the “magic limit” of three percent market share for every importer exceed. The Koreans are currently at 2.5 percent over the year.

In the meantime, Kia, once known above all for inexpensive and technically rather simple vehicles, is also aiming more strongly at the premium segment, even if this is not the main approach, according to Djuren, and “our models and the perception of our customers would now give it”. This is underlined, for example, by “the choice of the EV6, our first dedicated electric vehicle, for the ‘German Premium Car of the Year’.”

Djuren did not want to comment in detail on the future range of electric cars. But said, looking at Kia’s model nomenclature with one-digit numbers, that after the EV6, a mid-range crossover, “there’s still room between one and ten”. In any case, there will be more electric cars on the Electric Global Modular Platform, E-GMP for short, which also drives the Stromer from sister company Hyundai and is considered one of the most advanced electric car platforms in the industry.

However, according to the brand’s head of Germany, Kia will not become fully electric “in the foreseeable future”: “We will continue to offer and sell combustion engines”, because globally, there will be “a need for combustion models for a very long time”. “But the focus is clearly on electric vehicles. Their range will grow significantly in the coming years,” says Djuren.

When it comes to mobility services, Kia is currently working on a subscription model, among other things, with the manufacturer aiming for “a solution together with the dealers”. “Together we will make the offer market-ready and get a pilot project off the ground. We will then take off next year,” explains Djuren. In addition, Kia consider to start a carsharing offer. In addition, “a separate team has been set up to define the activities from our globally created plan S for Germany.”

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  1. As long as you do not live in Neuss, the consumer could also lay the focus on E cars. Here the city prevents the loading of an E-car, with solar power from the roof!


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