At least 1.3 million diesel affected by driving bans – car

According to an estimate, up to 1.3 million cars in Germany could be affected by driving bans for older diesel – if dishes in other cities tighten the rules. The Greens draw this conclusion from a response from the Federal Ministry of Transport to a request from their parliamentary group, about which the newspapers of the Funke media group first reported.

However, commuters who drive from the surrounding area into the city are not taken into account in the numbers. In addition, administrative courts in all affected municipalities would have to impose driving bans due to excessive pollutant values in the air. It also remains unclear whether the new concept of Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) may also include hardware conversions on diesel engines in addition to software updates. He had rejected this for months – just like the auto industry.

Krischer: "The worst can only be prevented through hardware retrofitting"

The Greens Transport expert Oliver Krischer demanded: “The worst can now be prevented by hardware retrofitting of Euro 5 dieselns.“In any case, this should not finance taxpayers, but the carmakers. “You have installed cheap technology in exhaust gas cleaning and thereby increasing your profits.“According to the Ministry of Transport, around 475 were most powerful in the 43 cities in the 43 cities polluted with nitrogen oxide.000 cars approved with the Euro 4 emissions standard. With the Euro 5 standard, around 840 drove there.000 vehicles. The list was also available to the German Press Agency.Among the heavily burdened cities are represented by Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne as well as smaller places – such as Reutlingen, Duren, Muhlacker or Schwerte. There is already a limited driving ban in Hamburg, for the foreseeable future for Stuttgart and Frankfurt/Main.

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At least 1.3 million diesel affected by driving bans - car-diesel

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At least 1.3 million diesel affected by driving bans - car-driving


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10 thoughts on “At least 1.3 million diesel affected by driving bans – car”

  1. Imagine it is war and nobody goes there
    Is also such a saying that from the core is true! If any country another … Land declared a war and no soldiers take part in it, so the war cannot be carried out! The situation is similar with the driving ban: if all the drivers concerned simply ignore this driving ban, and continue to drive 10,000 ’D cars into the city center every day, what do the politicians want to do about it? Nothing at all, because they are "crushed" from the mass of drivers,…..And no regulatory office in the world would be able to edit so many order ads ads. The driving bans would implode….. So, and this is the only way to effectively proceed the driving bans if all affected drivers hold together!

  2. Driving ban
    A proposal in the good! Hetter to choose these so -called world improvers then Germany is better. Just these voters who drive a diesel and still chose the green.. Stop

  3. With this number
    but the green world improvers will be opened up. Why does the Greens not prohibit smoking. This creates a lot more NOx than the fine dust-free diesel with its cheap CO2 balance. Just why? Because smoking works like drugs?

  4. As long as the automobillobiists…
    …. In Berlin, a Csuler has to serve as Minister of Transport, software developers are more important than engineers and every cent in the development of 3x and the dividend is turned over because of the conurbations will soon be on foot 😉

  5. First it said of Chancellor and Transport Minister,
    There are no driving bans with us. Now these people are silent on the subject and let millions of affected drivers stand in the rain. At the expense of taxpayers, they let themselves be taken through the country regardless of traffic with escorts in thick cars, regardless of environmental problems. You have forgotten that many employees and self -employed are forced to spend a lot of time on the motorways on the way to work on the way to work, because because there are no jobs required in your area, you have to take every traffic jam with you, as you do with you without police escorts Can not avoid traffic jams.

  6. Why don’t you hear anything from the ADAC,
    I ask myself?? I think he represents the interests of drivers, so he should hire some capable lawyers from the membership fees and against the driving bans, etc. Action.

  7. Green lying politics
    Forced education pace 80, driving ban every second weekend, prohibited from the combustion engine, cityaut and now the fairy tale that diesel drivers are important for green, you notice what, right there are elections after that we pass by the butt.

  8. Mass proposal
    Mass intake using arbitrary EU limit values and the state-funded lobbying organization DHU! Why do we put up with it? We become activists and show them!

  9. You just have to argue very differently,
    If you want to achieve something in Germany, with our politicians. Many foreign fellow citizens live in our inner cities, who mostly drive older and, according to green thinking, if you do not drive environmentally friendly cars, you want to discremate these fellow citizens and impose driving bans? The red-green world improvers are now xenophobic? So now they sit in the dilemma and finally set up the measuring stations properly and lo and behold, all values are in the green area.

  10. As long as in
    Hamburg can still drive EUR 3 3 line buses on the streets, it turns out that the politicians prefer to put a strain on the citizens than to really work sensibly. Driving bans create even more nitrogen oxide, only somewhere else. I would like clear common sense and no ideologically defended politics and that in all areas. It’s Christmas soon and I believe in Santa Claus.


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