Atlis XT: electric pick-up with a cybertruck-like look

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The car is scheduled to start at the end of 2022 – with a range of up to 800 km

Atlis XT: electric pick-up with a cybertruck-like look-cybertruck-like

When it comes to electric pick-ups, most people think of the Rivian R1T first, to the Ford F-150 Lightning and of course the Tesla Cybertruck. An exotic product that is due to hit the market at the end of 2022 is reminiscent of the "cubist" look of the Tesla: the Atlis XT.

Now the manufacturer based in Mesa (Arizona) is presenting a new prototype.

The XT is based on the XP platform from Atlis Motor Vehicles, which should also be suitable for large trucks and other types of vehicles. The XT is offered as a regular cab with three seats and as a four-door (double cab) with six seats; there are also different wheelbases.

Photo gallery: Atlis XT: electric pick-up as a prototype (2021)

Atlis XT: electric pick-up with a cybertruck-like look-atlis

The trolley is driven by four independently controlled permanent magnet synchronous motors (PSM). In contrast to the Rivian R1T, however, it is apparently not a wheel hub motor. At least that seems to come from this video from summer 2020:

The power should be more than 600 hp, i.e. over 450 kW. The maximum torque is specified with over 1,600 Newton meters (on the wheels). In addition, there is all-wheel steering, air suspension and, optionally, doubled wheels at the rear. The target load is up to 35,000 lbs, so an incredible 16 tons.

A total of three battery sizes are planned: 150, 200 and 250 kWh. This should enable a range of 300, 400 or 500 miles, i.e. about 480, 640 or 800 km. The NMC chemistry (nickel-manganese-cobalt) ensures a volumetric energy density of over 500 watt hours per liter.

Charging takes place at the 1.5 megawatt charging stations from Atlis. The battery should be full again in just 15 minutes. The vehicle also has J1772 and CCS2 connections.

The XT has air suspension. Through bidirectional charging you can supply tools or other devices with electricity (via five sockets, four with 120 volts and one with 240 volts). One of the special features is the huge Frunk, which with 523 liters is as big as some trunk of a normal hatchback model.

Instead of exterior mirrors, there are cameras that are retracted when parking and only extend when driving. These elements also include the side indicators. The door handles work electronically and have no moving parts. The design is explained in this video:

Inside there is space for up to six people. In addition to a 12.8-inch touchscreen, there is a 10.1-inch driver display. There are also buttons with assignable functions, heated and cooled seats and a lockable storage space.

The vehicle shown is still a camouflaged prototype and is already the fourth version. Production of the pick-up is scheduled to begin at the end of 2022. The development is financed through crowdfunding until it is ready for series production. After raising $ 16 million in previous crowdfunding campaigns, Atlis is now looking to raise another $ 5 million. So far, Atlis has raised almost four million dollars, as can be seen on the homepage.

"This is the fourth iteration of the XT prototype, and we plan to start production in late 2022. The team continues to refine the interior and exterior design based on extensive feedback from customers and investors." (Atlis boss Mark Hanchett)

The car was shown in December 2020, as site reported at the time. The body was much more rounded back then:

At the time, the base price for the Atlis XT was $ 45,000. The cockpit was also shown at the time. However, we do not know whether the new prototype will look identical:

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Atlis XT: electric pick-up with a cybertruck-like look-electric Ford F-150 Lightning: First ride in the new electric pick-up

Technical data of the Atlis XT

  • Drive: 4 independent electric motors (PSM)
  • System performance: over 600 hp (approx. 450 kW)
  • 0-100 km / h / top speed: approx. 5 sec. / 120 mph (193 km / h)
  • Battery: 3 different, up to 250 kWh
  • Charging: up to 1,500 kW (1.5 MW)
  • Charging time: 15 min at 1.5 MW
  • Range: 300/400/500 miles (approx. 480/640/800 km)
  • Wheelbase: 3.66 to 4.74 meters
  • Admissible Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): up to 20,000 lbs (9 tons)
  • Towing capacity: up to 35,000 lbs (16 tons)

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