Attracts Great Wall Motors in the Nissan plant of Barcelona?

Attracts Great Wall Motors in the Nissan plant of Barcelona?-nissan

Spanish authorities and Nissan have taken talks with the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors via a possible acquisition of the Nissan plant in Barcelona. Great Wall could draw into the largest of the three works in Barcelona, reports “Electrive.Net “citing on various sources. However, the negotiations should not be explicitly be designed exclusively.

Overall, it’s about the future of the works Zona Franca, Montcada I Reixac and Sant Andreu de la Barca, says. While looking at the largest of the three factories “preferred negotiations” with Great Wall Motors, the other two works could be assumed according to a message of the Nissan Motor Corporation from the Spanish Electric Roller manufacturer Silence and Qev Technologies.

The latter is a Spanish engineering office, which, together with the Swedish electric vehicle manufacturers Volta Trucks and InCile, plans the so-called Barcelona Decarbonization Hub (D-Hub) for the production of E-vehicles. Already in April, it became public, that Volta Trucks took with the former Nissan work to produce his electric truck Volta Zero in Spain. At the time it was said that this was just one of several options. “The assembly of Volta Zero in Spain could be of interest to serve southern European cities, becoming more and more important for the decarbonization of commercial vehicles,” was cited Kjell Waloen, Chief Technology Officer by Volta Trucks.

The final decision is not yet liked by any page. In the NISSAN communication, it states that a commission from authorities, workers’ and company representatives has not yet rejected a project of interested companies, but after an analysis of all proposals of the consensual decision had been taken, preferred conversations with the three candidates mentioned above respectively. The basis for the negotiating framework should be determined this month. The next meeting of the Commission is terminated at the beginning of November.

Nissan had announced in the course of the entire restructuring of the Renault-Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance in May 2020, in Europe only to operate the work in British Sunderland. Originally, the last Nissan in Barcelona should be built at the end of 2020, later this deadline was postponed by one year – to give the authorities more time to find a prospective customer for investments. At the beginning of the year, Reuters reported that the auto plant should be transparenced in a production facility for seats from SEAT. This plan has apparently no priority according to current developments.

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  1. The next non-Europeans of the in Europe with the production.

    This will then be really exciting if the market floods with their cheap models.
    The Spaniards piered by the euro transition will make everything that the production starts there.


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