Audi 2021 with e-cars with 57% in the plus compared to the previous year

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Audi 2021 with e-cars with 57% in the plus compared to the previous year-compared

Despite the global semiconductor scarcity, Audi continues to set a high pace on its way to sustainable mobility of the future. This shows the deliveries of fully electric models last year, which increased by 57.5 percent compared to the previous year. In addition, Audi has more than doubled the product portfolio of purely electrical models last year. Overall, the deliveries of the Audi brand achieved approximately the volume of the previous year despite the difficult supply situation: 2021 provided the manufacturer 1.680.512 models, only 0.7 percent less than 2020. In the US, the previous year’s result was exceeded by 5 percent.

“The year 2021 was challenging, but with a dedicated performance of our worldwide team, we have mastered it very successfully,” says Hildegard Wortmann, inwards for sales and marketing of AUDI AG. “We look confident in the future. With ‘Judger 2030’ we have defined a clear strategy – and our courage to sustainable change is rewarded: the high demand for Audi‘s electric vehicles confirms our decision for emission-free drives. This momentum we take in the year 2022 and drive our transformation consistently.”

After the first half of 2021, Audi was still on record price: 981.681 delivered vehicles were a new best value in company history. In the second half of the year, however, the ongoing semiconductor scarfed to be booked. As a result, deliveries fell by 34.2 percent compared to the very strong period of the previous year in the fourth quarter.

Electric cars with 57.5 percent in plus

The curve of deliveries of fully electric models, on the other hand, continues to point up. 2021 Sold Audi 81.894 fully electric models – a plus of 57.5 percent. Up to 2025 Audi plans to have more than 20 fully electric models in the portfolio. Already from 2026 the brand wants to bring only fully electric models to the market.

With the presentation of the E-TRON GT and the RS E-TRON GT at the beginning of the year, Audi set another sign on his electrical course. A central role in the manufacturer’s electrification strategy play in particular the Q4 E-Tron and the Q4 Sportback E-TRON. With these four new models Audi has more than doubled the product portfolio of purely electrical models last year.

Audi 2021 with e-cars with 57% in the plus compared to the previous year-previousAudi

In the investment planning, the clear commitment to electromobility will be clear: in the years 2022 to 2026 Audi wants to issue around 18 billion euros for electrification and hybridization on the basis of the end 2021 adopted planning round. In total investments of around 37 billion euros, almost half of the stocks flows into these future topics.

In addition to the fully electric models, the Q3 (+19.2 percent) achieved within the entire model range, the A5 (+ 8.3 percent) and the A7 (+ 9.2 percent) greater growth. The SUV segment was strongly in demand: also the Q5 (+ 5.3 percent) and the Q7 (+ 5.3 percent) increased. Once again, the high-performance models of Audi Sport exceeded the previous year and reached 39.356 vehicles sold (+ 34.2 percent) a new best value.

In China Castle Audi the year 2021 with 701.289 delivered vehicles and a minus of 3.6 percent. After the record year 2020, in particular, the fourth quarter was characterized by the semiconductor certificate for locally produced vehicles. A highly growing demand recorded the imported Audi models (+53 percent). The A5 (+ 96.7 percent), the Q7 (+ 74.4 percent) and the fully electric E-TRON (+ 68.7 percent) developed particularly positively. In addition, the sales of Audi Sport models in China could more than doubled compared to the previous year 2020 (+113.4 percent).

In the United States, Audi even exceeded the previous year: 196.038 vehicles meant a plus of 5 percent. A record year lists Audi here at the pure e-cars: With a plus of 52.5 percent compared to the previous year, Audi sold so many fully electric models in the US as never before, including the E-TRON GT, which since July 2021 in the market is. The E-Tron also increased significantly with +34.6 percent. A persistently high demand recorded the SUV segment, with the Q3 (+26.5 percent) and the Q5 (+19.6 percent) at the top. The Audi Sport models achieved a new best value with 7796 delivered models and plus 60.5 percent also in the USA. In Canada, deliveries increased by 11.2 percent.

In Europe, Audi reached nearly the previous year’s level

In Europe, the models A3 (+ 3.6 percent), Q3 (+ 5.6 percent), Q5 (+18.6 percent) and Q8 (+1.8 percent) increased a growing demand. Significant growth in the country comparison, among other things, achieved the company in France (+10.2 percent), Italy (+ 9.9 percent) and the United Kingdom (+ 9.4 percent). New best values achieved Audi in Denmark and Norway, also due to the particularly popular electrical models. Overall, 31 European markets were above the previous year. In Germany, the brand delivered 180.883 vehicles (-15.6 percent). Here, in addition to the semiconductor certificate, special effects due to the value added tax reduction in the second half of 2020 were noticeable. With a plus of 10.3 percent, the Audi E-Tron developed positively on the company’s home market in particular.

In the other markets worldwide, the manufacturer increased its deliveries by 3.1 percent over the previous year to 137.347 cars. A very positive development also showed here for the electrical models with a plus of 89.6 percent.

“Although the semiconductor supply will remain tense in the coming months, the strong growth in the deliveries of the e-models tailwind gives us for the further determined implementation of our roadmap. The high order intake as well as the highest order backlog also show that we have the right portfolio, “says Audis Sales Chief Wortmann.

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  1. Under 10 percent poppace.
    Or you do not want?
    This is far below the average, great premium luxury OEM.
    Please wake up Audi

  2. The Audi Etron GT I find great but is just a priceless sports car.

    Do not know what you can buy at Audi on the BEV if you do not want to be a half-wheeler SUV

  3. New Bev ? Only in the high-priced segment (SUV). What about the A1, A3, A4, etc. Not even in the PHEV area in the prior art. The A3 E-Tron was once the pioneer and now ? Almost 60 km E range only because the legislator pretends it since 2022. No CCS and AC only 2.8 kW, that can Mercedes Z.B. A250E better. Where is the projection by technology ?


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