Audi A8 2022 – All information about the new model

Auto Insider: Audi A8 2022

Expression model in front of the electrical age: The new Audi A8 will be an emergency solution

Audi A8 2022 - All information about the new model-2022
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design Audi revises the A8 – it will be the last one that does not drive purely electrically

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Audi wants to get out of gasoline and diesel engines at the latest in 2026. The development of new petrol and hybrid engines is set. However, the revised A8 will be given one last time with different drive options.

Audi is under pressure in the luxury segment. The new Mercedes S-Class has now arrived at the international markets and the BMW 7 Series will be replaced in the second half of 2022. There is a model maintenance for the Audi A8 not.In its current generation, the Audi A8 has set best brands in its segment, especially when it comes to processing quality and interior design. But the phlegma adheres to him that the high automated drive at level three promised at the market has not yet been made into the series. Unfortunately, this will certainly not change to the 2022 model care and so it remains with the currently available driver assistance functions of level two.

Audi A8 still cannot drive automatically

In general, the motting maintenance on the Audi A8, which is supposed to come at the end of the year, is pretty thin when you consider that Mercedes will roll out its current S-Class in its various engine variants and a new 7 Series BMW is just around the corner.

The Mercedes S-Class is now also available with several diesel versions, all-wheel drive and plug-in hybrids. In autumn, the AMG variant, which is already eagerly awaited in the USA, follows, as well as the AMG GT four-door, will also roll up as a particularly powerful plug-in variant. BMW will slowly start the first information from the upcoming new top model at the end of the year. For the first time, the luxury limousine from Dingolfing will be gradually available with gasoline and diesel engines from summer 2022, but also offered as a plug-in hybrid and electrical version.

Every fourth new car now drives electrically: German mini-stromer in 1st place

Audi A8 2022 - All information about the new model-2022

Site Every fourth new car now drives electrically: German mini-stromer in 1st place

Audi A8: Diesel and twelve -cylinder out, S8 away

Difficult times for the current Audi A8, which has little to counter the upcoming competition. Finally, two years ago, the powerful top diesel and the twelve -cylinder were removed from the engine portfolio and the sports version of the 571 hp Audi S8 should soon fall out of the program due to increasing exhaust gas regulations. Wait to see whether Audi has an answer to the new motor variants of Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series. The Audi A8 currently has only a unique selling point. The long A8 with the powerful S8 engine is currently the only German luxury limousine that can be obtained from the factory as a strictly secured tank version. BMW had to delete its armored 7 Series in the current generation for planning errors and the new Mercedes S-Class is not yet a tank variant on the market for governments and KOnighausen.

Visually, the model maintenance of the A8 will only give slight retouching on the front and rear. Inside there are also only detailed improvements and customers can look forward to a plug-in hybrid variant with significantly more reach. Especially for the main market in China there should be an XXL variant that complements the two current models with normal and long wheelbase. Then the twelve-cylinder, which is over 630 hp, should probably get into conversation, because to compete with a six or eight-cylinder against the Maybach S-Class would probably be unsuccessful.

Next A8 only electrically

The next generation of the A8 then only comes as an electric car on a new battery platform. Combustion engines will no longer develop the Volkswagen Group and thus Audi at the latest in 2026, including plug-in hybrids. For other markets, such as the USA or China, which are not so in a hurry to switch to emobility, Audi will then have to do without part of its customers or buy modern petrol and hybrid engines from Asian manufacturers.

BMW is building a crazy Porsche hunter with 1360 hp: this will be the electrical IM2

Audi A8 2022 - All information about the new model-information

Site BMW is building a crazy Porsche hunter with 1360 hp: this will be the electrical IM2

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13 thoughts on “Audi A8 2022 – All information about the new model”

  1. When developing the next A8…
    Should Audi be based on the EQS. E-cars only make sense if they are really efficient … are. Incidentally, every car (no matter what drive it has) is an emergency solution because it enlarges our CO2 footprint. However, combustion engines are the poorer emergency solution. In this respect, the current A8 is not just an emergency solution, but a poor emergency solution, also as a hybrid.

  2. Whether the customers do this with?
    Audi has made the decision not to offer a diesel and belly in the future no petrol engines. The danger is, of course, that the customers who want a diesel then switch to another car brand. At least that’s the case with myself. I drive with a few excursions to petrol and gas, my whole life diesel. And I will continue to do so, no matter which brand. Over 1000km range, and fully refueled in 5 minutes, no other drive offers me that. I certainly don’t want to waste my precious lifetime waiting for the charging of my battery car.

  3. Buy modern combustion engines from Asia
    This is not all: Even the most important component of the electric audi is developed in Asia. The batteries. And where does the high-tech development and value creation take place? Rather not in Germany. Here only other Hi-Tech components developed are tied up here. In view of the mass immigration of low -qualified specialists, the appropriate perspective.

  4. Audi goes a very dangerous one here…
    …path. The time is not yet ripe for pure e-vehicles and owes its current mini boom to the funding. No businessman will buy a pure E-Audi A6 if he has to wait hours until the battery is full again or he does not find a charging station at all. As long as the problem of loading times, charging options, overall hobility, electricity acquisition but also the economy (after 8 years of total economic damage because battery exchange is not worthwhile), I will continue to use the burner. I’ve been driving my current Volvo for 10 years – why should I throw it away? I buy an electric car when I see the first Dutchman with a family in his e-residential car team via the Stilfser Joch to Italy and back to Holland.

  5. Modern electric cars…
    can be on long distances in approx. 30 minutes from 10 to 80% load. Even after the 8-year guarantee, e-car batteries still work. In 10 years it will be possible to replace existing batteries inexpensively. Caravans of the future have their own batteries and thus serve as extensive extensions. So much for your view of things.

  6. Emergency solution
    Electrical age is only a utopia in the dream world of the green fantasys. This technology is an environmentally harmful dead end that currently has no chance on the market without massive subsidies and does not offer an alternative for the combustion engine…

  7. The most environmentally harmful dead end…
    is still the burning fossil raw materials. E-cars are reality. You just haven’t noticed it yet.

  8. The foreign manufacturers
    Probably celebrate behind closed doors…and see their market shares in the combustion engines degenerate into dizzying heights.

  9. High market shares
    Nevertheless. In particular, high -price products (like that of the German manufacturers) have to adapt to their market. Or do you want z.B. With the 3000 USD 2 clocks in the Indian market, generate profits?

  10. Audi
    …will slowly shoot on the race. The decision not to offer a diesel hybrid with the large models was a mistake that Mercedes did not make, as the registration figures prove. Audi digs his own grave because the customers will not go with the only e-mobile path. For frequent drivers – the self -destructive path.

  11. Pity
    Messrses Diess and Duesmann will probably go into history. …And that as the managers who deprive the world’s largest automotive group of the essential core competencies and made their products anywhere and interchangeable. I praise myself "Petrol heads" Like a Mr. Piech who is easy "Passionate engineer" was and led the Volkswagen Group to the top.

  12. Since Audi 2026…
    …wants to get out of the surface story, we already know what politics is going to do and at least for how long. Too bad, the next brand that will soon say goodbye to history in the admission statistics. If you sell fewer cars, you have to ask for higher prices, and thanks to politics for a very long time. Don’t want to say that this system has something from South Korea’s neighbors above, but this tendency…. You can’t do everything "climate" Subordinate because if we do this here in Germany, others will continue to build our verben, then do not want to know what the import customs then says…

  13. Horse and car, then and now
    Cannot be compared like this. Back then it was one "System change" From living beings on technology (automobile) e-mobility is only a further development of the automobile and not a new groundbreaking invention. The classic automobile has always developed and a lot has changed too. The question is: what brings a change? E-mobilit is a change or further development.


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