Audi: billions for expanding e-mobility

Audi: billions for expanding e-mobility-audi

On the way to a fully electric future from 2033, Audi continues to take a trip. As is apparent from a message, the carmaker 2021 has doubled the number of fully electric models in his offer. In this way, Audi brings more electric cars as a burner in the current year. With the new models E-TRON GT Quattro, RS E-TRON GT and the first fully electric models in the compact segment, Q4 E-TRON and Q4 Sportback E-TRON, the electric portfolio has grown by four more models. By 2025, the company wants more than 20 fully electric models on offer.

With the growing number of electrical models, the requirements for the charging infrastructure increase. The VW Group therefore expands the infrastructure in strong partnerships worldwide, continues to say. In Nuremberg, Audi is now a urban premium loading concept in practice: The Audi Charging Hub turns to Kund_innen without domestic charging and goals to use possible peak demands in the future. The opening takes place on the 23. December took place. The pilot location offers reservationable high-power-charging (HPC) loading points and a direct connected lounge area. According to Audi, use used lithium-ion batteries from disassembled developing vehicles. Photovoltaic modules on the roof provided additional green energy.

“The current planning round reflects our accelerated future course,” says Audi Financial Officer Jurgen Rittersberger. In the years 2022 to 2026, the Audi Group is planning research and development services as well as in-depth investment of around 37 billion euros. For electrification and hybridization alone, around 18 billion euros were estimated. These sums would underline the clear commitment to electromobility, it says.

With the corporate strategy “Judge 2030” Audi has a clear timetable to be sustainable, social and technologically leading by 2030, so audi boss Markus duesmann. “A sustainable business model is clear for us a matter of attitude and responsibility.”In 2030, the company wants to deliver three million cars per year based on market forecasts. From 2026, then only fully electric models will be new to the world market, from 2033 the company wants to gradually leak the production of its burners.

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4 thoughts on “Audi: billions for expanding e-mobility”

  1. The picture is typical of the sleepy and braised and underground German charging infrastructure. After all, one stands in the German upper class segment only in the snow and not in the mud, dog fellow and garbage This is the agenda on charging columns in D!

  2. Great. Audi produces new emodels on the ribbon … The large pallet drives the costs extremely in height. Less would definitely be more … But this can be carried out pretty bad. The lying tale with “projection by technology” should be continued. Now it is called “sustainable, socially and technologically leading”. You do not even believe that with Audi yourself.

  3. Nice information. First of all, the boys should supply at all. Q4 E-TRON AM ? 4.October ordered until Christmas 2022 I could probably expect a delivery.

  4. What did Audi / Porsche made its customers on the occasion of diesel scandal?
    I find questionable such lies companies continue to support


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